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What Is Security As A Service?

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What Is Security As A Service?


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

Hundreds of companies unknowingly are open to data breaches from attackers, and this means where firewalls, anti-virus and the likes of CCTV just won’t cut it. The digital world is constantly evolving, which is where cyber-criminals should be warded off with Security as a Service.

For the uninitiated, Security as a Service (also known as SECaaS) is a model in which security management is outsourced onto a cloud service. Security as a service has become extremely crucial in business, especially the cloud and mobile field as it provides security to applications and services regardless of where they are hosted. Having applications in the cloud, data centres are required less and the networking model should then place a larger emphasis on cloud solutions.

Features of SECaaS

In the modern day, it’s no longer as simple as installing a firewall and adding security policies to it. With cunning cyber-criminals always on the hunt for attacks, the SECaaS model can provide an in-depth approach to security. Some of the things it offers are: web security, email security, security monitoring 24/7, SIEM, identity management, anti-virus scanning, cloud and edge data security and many others. 

Whilst it’s important to know what it can protect against, it’s also vital to know how and where it can protect a company. Data can be found almost anywhere in the world – laptops, mobiles, desktop and cloud services. SECaaS can protect against phishing, virus, ransomware, malware, DoS, DDoS and more. 

The benefits of SECaaS

New cyber attacks are carried out much frequently on a regular basis with one simple purpose in mind – to compromise network security. Attackers are constantly on the lookout to breach data for profit gains, reselling data onto others. However, with the swift move towards cloud based network services, sensitive data is actually tightly protected.

What’s more is that it is an always-on type of solution. Whether you’re at home, holiday or at work, a cloud service follows business protocols at all times. All connections to the cloud are continually inspected and secured regardless of the user or the encryption used. Likewise, with cloud security, companies have endless visibility to traffic to the server. This includes threats, policy violations and compromised applications.

An integrated cloud solution like SECaaS gives a well-rounded, centralised outlook of everything from firewalls, secure web gateways, data loss, bandwidth controlling and so on. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, SECaaS offers faster user experience whilst keeping security in mind. This is done by allowing users to bypass security controls and connect to the applications they’ve landed on. With SECaaS, companies don’t have to compromise one for another, allowing users to deter from “hopping” (which is quite a slow process) before reaching where they want to be. 

Another benefit of this cloud solution is that it saves a lot of time (and money) that staff members are needed to spend trying to secure a network. This simply means SECaaS can provide the company with ongoing security updates (without the costly expenses). These are constantly monitored 24/7, 365 without having to be manually changed or updated by members of the team.