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What is Private Cloud?

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What is Private Cloud?


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

A private cloud is a cloud service exclusively offered to one organization. By using a private cloud an organization can experience all the benefits of cloud computing without sharing resources with others.

A private cloud can either be inside an organization or remotely managed by a third party and accessed through the internet. 

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Public vs Private Cloud

The public and private cloud are essentially the same thing and perform the same task. A public cloud does the same as a private cloud but is shared whereas a private cloud is locked down to one group. Private clouds and public clouds both use the same technology and offer scalability and broad access. 

Some businesses prefer private clouds if they need the pros of using a cloud network but have security needs. Using a private cloud eliminates the access of other organizations and gives a business much more control over the cloud security measures that are implemented. 

It may cost more to deploy a private cloud, however. Especially if the business is managing the cloud themselves. In the end, an organization may end up with a hybrid cloud, incorporating some public cloud services for efficiency and cost-cutting.

What is a Hosted Private Cloud?

Imagine a large corporation wants to operate a private cloud. They can either set up an internal private cloud in their main office building or have their private cloud hosted by a third-party cloud provider. The third party may be in another part of the same city, another city, or even further afield. 

A hosted private cloud is off-premises rather than on-premises, which means that the cloud servers are not physically housed on the premises of the company that uses them. Instead, the cloud is managed and hosted remotely by a third party.

What is an internal private cloud? 

An internal private cloud, as mentioned above, is hosted on an organization’s own premises and controlled internally. Unlike a hosted private cloud, the internal private cloud is managed and operated by the company. Typically, this entails purchasing the servers, keeping them operational, and administering the programme that runs on the servers.

Why Use Private Clouds?

Private clouds are the perfect option for IT leaders who want to make business resources accessible on demand but are unable (or unwilling) to migrate to the public cloud. This can be linked to security procedures, budgets, regulatory criteria, or legislation, such as those governing the healthcare and financial services sectors.

Companies in these industries use encryption protocols and firewalls to protect their IT systems, but private clouds provide an additional layer of protection as opposed to public clouds due to restricted access.

The workloads that must be supported also influence whether or not you invest in private cloud infrastructure. Enterprise virtualization products are well suited to traditional, stateful workloads. Private clouds, on the other hand, are better suited to stateless, loosely coupled workloads, which are common in growth, research, and telecommunications (particularly network functions virtualization).


We have a wealth of experience in making tailor-made solutions for all kinds of businesses. we can provide hybrid cloud solutions or Private and Public Clouds. Let us know what you’re after and we’ll provide you with the best solution that is tailored to your business.