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What is an Access Control System?

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What is an Access Control System?


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

An access control system offers a hugely valuable, integrated solution to monitoring, analysing and allowing movement around your location. A wide range of systems can be installed with flexible and scalable technology to create a fully bespoke network of devices.

There are limitless possibilities with access control, devices can be installed everywhere, from site and building entry to things such as specific rooms and even cabinet locks.
An In-Depth Look
Physical access control is a matter of looking at the who, where and when of entry. An access control system allows you to monitor who is entering and leaving specific areas along with what time and even which rooms they have access to. Of course, a lock and key can be used, but it cannot restrict access to those with a key, nor can it allow for monitoring of the times and who has entered.

This is where electronic access control (EAC) comes in, it allows computers to solve the physical limitations of a traditional lock and key system. A wide range of credentials can be used to unlock these systems, fobs, swipe card readers and even a biometric reader. The electronic access control system grants access based on the credential presented. When access is granted, the door is unlocked for a predetermined time and who unlocked it and at what time is recorded for future reference.

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Why Use an Access Control System?
The main alternative to an access control system is, as we mentioned, a traditional lock and key, these however have additional drawbacks.

Lost Keys
If someone loses a key, not only will that key have to be replaced, but to prevent any issues so will the locks. This can mean that potentially multiple people will have to have keys replaced which may be an unwelcome cost to a business.

Keys don’t leave a trail
The use of a key can’t be monitored, so you have no way of telling who entered an area or at what time.

Keys Are Hard To Manage
If someone has access to multiple rooms or buildings they are going to need multiple keys. Not only is it inconvenient to carry around many keys, but they are also going to become hard to keep track of. Opting for an access control system that allows for the use of, for example, keycards for door entry systems.

You can also increase control and security. By using an electronic control system you can avoid the negatives of lock and key in many ways, it can manage:

Who has access
You may only want to allow automatic access to employees. Whereas you’d like visitors and contractors to report to the reception desk on arrival.

Which doors people have access to
You can control who has access to specific areas. You may only want certain staff in their respective departments.

You can control who has access to areas or buildings at any time. You may want general employees and contractors to only have entry during their shift, while senior staff may be allowed at any time.

An effective access control system will let you set the parameters for specific individuals and allow them to be updated whenever necessary. It should also show who accessed where and at what time, making it easier to identify who was involved if there has been an incident.

Additional Tools
Internal locks might be important to your business if you are involved with highly secure data, dangerous materials or even if your business just has varying levels of security. Adding door access control systems with biometric or swipe card readers for example can provide you with an additional layer of security.

You could also install a biometric or ID scanner in place of a punch machine to monitor your employee’s comings and goings, making payroll and attendance calculations much easier.

If you would like further information on how to incorporate a secure access control system into your premises, then get in touch with the team here at DIS today.