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What Is a Video Management System?

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What Is a Video Management System?


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

A video management system or VMS is a component of a security system that collects video from cameras and other sources. It records and stores the video footage and also provides an interface to both view the live video, and access recorded video. Video management systems also allow for networking capabilities such as integrating with other security devices and business systems to offer the flexibility of running multiple devices on the same network.

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What Can Video Management Systems Do? 

Security cameras are almost taken for granted when it comes to commercial security, no matter the size of the business, chances are there are cameras in place. The bigger the business is, the more cameras are needed, this is where a video management system comes into play.

These management systems allow for both video and other security devices to be used within one platform and to interact with each other effectively. For example, if a motion detector is triggered it may set off an alarm or begin a live feed from a camera that is automatically being saved. 

All security systems with cameras come with a video management system but this CCTV software tends to be basic at best. This is where a high-end VMS such as Cayuga can be a great addition. Cayuga provides an interface between a range of devices and manufacturers including between cameras, motion detectors and alarms. Even if you don’t have systems from different manufacturers, the flexibility of these types of systems makes them a valuable asset for business security. 

Uses of Video Management Systems

Video management systems see use in a range of industries, including retail. Within the retail industry, video technology has been the proven tool to clarify and reduce cases of theft and fraud which has cemented the need for a high-end dedicated piece of CCTV software. Nowadays, modern IP cameras deliver high-quality video to help identify suspects, and state-of-the-art video management systems can provide relevant information to assess situations quickly and efficiently. 

In the transport industry, the number of passengers is growing exponentially, resulting in numerous challenges including both the safety and security of travellers. So naturally, a more advanced type of CCTV software is key, video management systems can allow for constant monitoring to prevent any potential incident or to react to them in a quick manner as well as supporting the current systems in place. 

Cayuga’s Key Benefits

Not all video management software and IP video surveillance systems are the same. Here at DIS, we offer Qognify’s Cayuga VMS. The Cayuga product line exceeds the traditional scope of using CCTV software to provide safety and security by supporting business operations and creating added value.

If you are operating a distributed video system across multiple locations an efficient set up is vital. Cayuga allows you to pre-configure your VMS installation offline, meaning you can set up all of your cameras and devices without having to physically connect them. 

For organisations that value security massively, video is typically a key part of their security ecosystem. Cayuga provides a set of open and well-documented interfaces for a range of third-party devices and physical security systems such as access control, intrusion detection and PSIM systems. 

Easy management is vitally important and we know that. Keeping all sites of a distributed video system up to date at any time is a challenge – but if it doesn’t happen, security risks or interruptions of operations may be the consequence. Cayuga offers an automated update service that allows your system to stay up to date and secure. 
If you would like to learn more about our Video Management Systems contact us today.