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We’re bringing IP Audio to classrooms, helping innovate schools for the future!

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We’re bringing IP Audio to classrooms, helping innovate schools for the future!


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

With increased knowledge and extensive research comes better opportunities. DIS was approached by Axis and Leeds Becket University as they wanted an integrator to work alongside them to help implement the innovative use of IP audio in classrooms. The first of its kind project to deliver smarter outcomes for children with ASD/ADHD and behavioural issues.

How DIS assisted with the project

Both Axis and Leeds Becket University looked to DIS for advice on the best practice on installation and technical assistance in setting up and configuring the IP system, for it to be optimised regarding the application.

Using our specialised expertise and years of experience in the installation of the system, DIS have been the point of contact for ongoing support, including assistance to the teachers who are using the audio system in their classrooms.

What is IP audio in classrooms?

Audio over IP (AoIP) is the distribution of digital audio across an IP network, it provides high quality audio content via an intelligent and scalable solution.

This Axis audio product is perfect for this application as you can use the embedded software to schedule different audio content to play at specific times and zones.

IP Audio for Classrooms

How does it work?

Pupils with learning difficulties can often find school a challenging place. With the installation of IP audio, there is hope in providing a more relaxing atmosphere for the pupils that struggle in these environments.

The IP audio installation aims to demonstrate a link between sound, changes in sensory perception and mood among primary and secondary school children with ASD/ADHD and behavioural issues. Recent research is showing increased evidence that certain sounds have the potential to reduce mental disorders such as anxiety; By playing ‘white’ and ‘pink’ noise through speakers, potentially altering human mood and promoting relaxation.

In addition, there is aspiration in providing children with learning difficulties improved outcomes in their education and in their futures. This is why we at DIS are immensely proud to offer our services and be a part of this project with our full support.

IP Audio for Classrooms

The future

After an initial 6-month pilot phase, collecting data in two cycles; one mid-way through the project and the other at the end of summer term, staff will be interviewed to share their experiences.

We are pleased to offer our ongoing support for the future of the IP audio project. We look forward in working with everyone at Axis and Leeds Beckett University to provide pupils with a better outcome for the future. Everyone at DIS are feeling immensely proud and confident in the project and have high hopes for it going forward. We see great potential in how this will help children and can’t wait to see how the end results turn out.

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