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Visitor Management System

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Visitor Management System


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

Minimise human interaction with a Visitor Management System protects your workplace from visitors entering the premises. That may be a contractor, a consultant, a delivery person or even your nan! Anyone coming into your place of work, who is not a full-time employee is a visitor and keeping COVID-19 victims and intruders at bay is crucial.

We at DIS have a plethora of solutions to aid protection against the virus and getting people back to work safely and it all starts at your front door. 

We’re going to tell explain what a Visitor Management system is and how it can not only protect your business from spreading the coronavirus but also protect you from intruders and look very professional all at the same time.

What is a Visitor Management System?

A visitor management system is an electronic sign-in technology used to track any visitors who enter your site, building or office. The professional sign-in system connects to the internet and is used mostly on an iPad, tablet, mobile or pc. Replacing the outdated hand-written records with a secured system while creating an efficient experience. 

With this technology, you can be extra vigilant by sending your visitors a pre-site questionnaire. Maybe you want your visitor to confirm they don’t have any COVID-19 symptoms, or you want to notify the contractors’ on-site with updated regulations? The possibilities are endless. 

Apart from making a great first impression, it also reduces unnecessary human interaction by digitally streamlining procedures at reception.

Visitor Management System features

  • GDPR Compliant. 
  • Communicate better with personal messages for visitors and staff. 
  • Customise it to brand standards.
  • See who is on-site 24/7. 
  • Multiple users at different entrances. 
  • See contractors sign in and out. 

Why is visitor management important?

Right now, it’s important to minimise human to human contact and thanks to the visitor management system, your visitors don’t have to interact with anyone other than the person they are meeting with. 

It’s also handy to know that visitor sign-in sheets violate privacy because it’s exposed for other people to see (if you can read their handwriting that is). This old-school technique may have worked back in the earlier days but it’s very outdated now and doesn’t make a very good impression. 

Having visitors sign in digitally means you can actually capture their data, have them sign forms, fill out questionnaires, send arrival notifications and whatever else you can think of. 

In times like this, safety and security are extremely important in a working environment, staff and visitors need to be protected against viruses and intrusion. The Visitor Management System brings comfort knowing that no one without permission is allowed access.

Visitor Management System for Manufacturing sites

Whether you’re a big organisation or a small business, this would be useful to have for every office, building or workplace. However, we have found it to be particularly effective for manufacturing sites, and here’s why: 


Very useful for coronavirus safety measures when answering questionnaires. E.G. If contractors answer with no symptoms they can proceed, if not then they are placed into “quarantine” which will notify the host immediately. 


This can make sure that all contractors entering your site have agreed to your policies and confirm they understand all rules and regulations. 


Various questionnaires, images and videos can be shown to your contractors. Which can either be done on-site or sent before arrival. Thus, saving time and recourses but also protecting your business.

Invalid documents

Useful for instances like having an invalid license, or outdated documents, the contractor can be denied access or notified to update other documents to be granted access. 

Hourly paid confirmation

A handy way to track those that are hourly paid and know exactly when they are on-site.

Visitor Management System Benefits

  • Grant access to authorised visitors and contractors entering offices and manufacturing/production sites every day
  • A great way of introducing your visitors to your safeguarding and fire safety measures as they sign in
  • Instant notification when the visitor has arrived, no need for someone at reception to call.
  • A good system that can work well in manufacturing outlets, businesses and building sites.
  • Customise with branding identity and logo so you look like a cutting-edge company.
  • Gather credits for ISO compliance such as ISO 9001

Linking seamlessly with all your current systems, including video surveillance, door access, ID and building controls. We can supply and install the Visitor Management System to help keep your premises safe. By replacing your handwritten visitor book with modern technology, it will provide visitors with a secure and pleasant experience.