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The Top 5 Ways IP Audio Can Improve Your Business

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The Top 5 Ways IP Audio Can Improve Your Business


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

IP Network audio systems are complete, intelligent audio solutions that expand the application of speakers and increase efficiency. Growth in the capabilities of IP audio technology is revolutionising how we approach customer experience and security, future-proofing investments at the same time as lowering total cost of ownership.


So, how can IP Audio improve your business?

Save space and money

With a traditional audio system, you would need a network solution, streaming box, equaliser, amplifier and speaker – not to mention ample expertise and time for installation. With network audio, the footprint of your infrastructure is vastly reduced. In fact, all you need is a speaker and a PoE switch! The integrated system works singlehandedly to provide background music, announcements and more with everything you need already built-in. That means you save money on updates, maintenance, and more.

Provide central control

Your entire network audio system, including microphones and speakers, can be controlled from a single point with a user-friendly, intuitive interface. IP systems also include a built-in function self-test which notifies administrators if not working, reducing the need for costly on-site engineers.

Ensure scalability and flexibility

It’s easy and cost-effective to update and expand your audio system. Because there is no need for extra cabling, you can quickly increase the number of speakers, add new sites, or benefit from new features simply by adding them on. You also have the flexibility to decide what content you want where by creating different zones, which can be changed at your whim.

Increase the capabilities of your systems

An IP system affords you a truly intelligent system that is future-proof in its ability to evolve with changes, by adding built-in apps and by connecting other IP devices such as access control units and surveillance cameras. You can also utilise the extensive analytic capabilities, for instance to automatically produce alerts when a queue is too long or open audio to an off-site monitoring centre when an intruder is detected.

Protect your investments

Despite the benefits of an IP Audio system, many are concerned about losing the value of their previous investments in analogue systems. However, one of the best aspects of a networked audio solution is that it is so easily scalable. With the simple addition of a Network Audio Bridge, you can easily connect and combine analogue and network systems, meaning you can make the transition to a smart IP system at your own pace.

AXIS C8033 provides ports for both analogue and digital connections, allowing you to either play analogue audio on Axis speakers or conversely play music from your phone or computer direct to an analogue speaker system. Your system easily gains the benefits of an IP system, including the ability to schedule music, play pre-recorded announcements and unscheduled announcements using VoIP.

Best of all, the audio bridge is affordable and takes up very little space. One audio bridge will connect with literally hundreds of speakers, making it cost-effective and future-proof. Replace your analogue speakers with IP in your own time while reaping the benefits now!

Want to learn more about how AXIS C8033 works? Watch the video below.

Organisations are already aware of the need to move from analogue to digital when it comes to video surveillance. Now is the time to recognise why audio needs to move in the same direction.

If you would like to see the benefits of a network audio system for yourself, contact us today on 01274 869099 to arrange a demo or quote.