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The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Access Control, Network Installation, IP CCTV & More

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Access Control, Network Installation, IP CCTV & More


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

The world of security and data can raise many questions for business owners and IT professionals who want to upgrade their systems. This can make it difficult for those wanting to upgrade their systems, as relevant information needs to be provided for them to make the most informed decisions. As everyone here at DIS has over 20 years of experience in the security and data industry, we felt it is only right to provide answers to the most common questions we get asked. We feel it’s our duty to ensure that our current and future clients understand as much information as possible about the systems they want to invest in.

What Can Access Control Software Do?

Access control is a system which helps to monitor different doors and areas within your workplace for staff, visitors and customers. It can provide a multitude of different traffic reports, bespoke remote access and CRM integration. Additionally, there are many varieties of access control available, including network door controllers, door stations and card readers. The access control systems can integrate with 3rd party products, allowing for alarm triggers which can cause the barriers to open for instance.

white barrier to a car park

Can Access Control Software Ring Two Different Numbers?

Access control systems, depending on the installation requirements, can answer calls by using a time based event rule. If a workplace wants interchanging numbers based on day and night, at certain day times the recipient extension is X and for differing hours at night the recipient is Y. 

Is It Possible To Set Up Specific Configurations For Gates On The Interface?

Yes, it’s possible to configure buttons and actions to do different things. Using the VAPIX command, which sends from the system to the relay on gates, gates can be opened and closed at different times and locations. Additionally, gates can be held open for a shift change for traffic, through particular configurations within the system. 

Why Is It A Virtual Button, Not A Physical One?

Access control nowadays is a lot more convenient, making it beneficial for its convenience. The systems used to set up access control hardware ensures control over several locations, all in one place. So, if you require operating different buttons, having it all in one virtual place rather than multiple physical locations, eliminates the need for cabling each button to each location.

What Kind Of Businesses Benefit From Network Infrastructure?

When delivering any kind of network installation, it’s vital to understand the customer’s requirements for it. Understanding this will ultimately help to correctly shape individual network designs. To help us to help you, we require clearly defined needs, including how you deliver your services as a business. Keeping this in mind, any business can benefit from a network infrastructure which is suited to their needs. Whether it’s a single location or multiple locations, it’s possible to design an efficient network infrastructure for your business. Business models ensure no complexity within a network design is missed, which is why it’s important for you to know what needs your company has. If a network installation is incorrectly designed, it can mean a considerable amount of money lost. 

What Kind Of Business Models Do You Come Across For Network Installations?

Whether your business operates 9 till 5, Monday to Friday, or 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we can provide suitable network infrastructures for all circumstances. Depending on the needs of a company, every network design can be restructured to different environments. No matter if the organisation needs its capabilities all day and night, or at certain times, a network can be suited to be operationally ready for any situation.

Does My Business Need Network Management For My Infrastructure?

It doesn’t matter if a network infrastructure is small or large, it’s always recommended to have tools to help with its management. The more complex a network is designed, the more vital it is to have network management system (NMS) tools at hand. These tools ensure that notifications are received, as well as the following aspect of management:

  • Performance
  • Security
  • Any faults
  • Configuration
  • And assets

The above management tools address several elements which are invaluable to keeping a network infrastructure running smoothly.

How Does Motion Detection Work For IP CCTV?

The cameras themselves don’t detect different motions, it’s the DVR system that does this. The DVR notices changes in images and movement from previous frames to current, allowing for detection for different movements. The equipment can be configured to detect different types of motion changes, so it’s bespoke to each IP CCTV installation.

Round camera on a skyscraper with the sky in the background

What’s Needed For A Fully Comprehensive IP CCTV System?

Depending on your requirements for CCTV installation, we can carry out the following services: 

  • Cameras
  • IP access control
  • Video analytics
  • IP audio
  • Video surveillance

We typically recommend the installation of cameras in a range of locations on your premises, combined with video analytics and IP access control. This is so monitoring, playback and analysis is all possible for you to carry out for your CCTV solution.

What Does Video Analytics Enable My System To Do?

Video analytics is an invaluable component for IP CCTV solutions, as it has a range of capabilities including: 

  • Facial recognition
  • Intrusion detection
  • Zone crossing
  • People counting
  • Heat mapping
  • Demographic identification
  • Loitering

These capabilities provide a multitude of benefits for installations, including:

  • Being able to monitor large, multiple or single locations without having to have more eyes on your CCTV system.
  • Having a better peace of mind with security, financially and practically 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Improved reactions to any threats picked up on.
  • Video analytics is easy to install as an add on to your existing CCTV cameras.