Our engineers have vast knowledge of network infrastructure and experience in security installations, and over time have evolved alongside technology developments to provide scalable and intelligent IP CCTV solutions that now replace traditional analogue systems.

Axis Gold Partners

DIS benefits from a Gold partnership with Axis Communications, the leading manufacturers and suppliers of IP CCTV surveillance. That means we can install high quality HD cameras nation-wide while consistently incorporating the latest advancements in technology, offering the highest level of security and functionality for your business.


Why make the switch to IP CCTVAxis P3225 LVE IP CCTV

  • Improved Image Quality

    Axis HDTV IP cameras can deliver up to 4K image resolution complete with flicker-free movement, thanks to progressive scanning as opposed to analogue interlaced scanning. They are also able to compensate for poor lighting and weather conditions, even in extreme darkness. Because the high quality images can be viewed and stored anywhere over a computer network, they won’t deteriorate with age like low-resolution analogue images.

  • Intelligent Solutions

    Analogue cameras do little more than simply record video. With IP CCTV, we can help you combine intelligent features with direct notifications and remote monitoring to fit the needs of your industry.  In addition, we can add automatic alerts, alarms for perimeter breaches or tampering and more, so you can reduce the amount of manpower and patrols at your business. We can also set up a centralised monitoring station, all helping you save resources and reduce staff needs while maintaining a high level of security.

  • Lower Cost

    Axis cameras allow up to 360˚ views, with the ability to view zoomed-in sections and full view simultaneously. Analogue cameras, however, have limited viewing capabilities, restricted to a single view each. Making the switch to IP CCTV means you can install fewer cameras, lowering installation and maintenance costs. Intelligent systems that allow you to focus on what matters also help minimise bandwidth and storage needs.

    We can also easily connect IP cameras to your existing data network. With Power over Ethernet (PoE) one cable per camera provides power, video, audio and data, making installation easy without the need of a power outlet close to your camera.

  • Scalable and Future-Proof

    A network camera system is easier to extend than an analogue system. Axis network cameras are based on open standards, meaning we can add intelligent analytics to expand benefits of a CCTV system by integrating with other systems like audio and access control.  We can help you grow at your own pace – growing into IP technology over time so that you don’t lose the value of previous investments.


IP CCTV as a Business Tool

By incorporating SeeTec, our leading video management software, DIS can create a business-wide system. With SeeTec Cayuga, you can manage all feeds generated by your cameras at a glance, whether centrally or remotely. Cayuga is also completely scalable and offers seamless integration to support your business as it grows, at your own speed.

We can offer a multitude of network camera technologies including, but not limited to:

  • Small to large scale, multi-server enterprise VMS systems
  • Video Analytics
  • ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)
  • Integration of video to your business management systems
  • Access control integration
  • Explosion-protected cameras
  • Thermal camera for detection and temperature alarm


No more grainy footage, no more restrictions. Watch the video below to learn even more about image quality available with Axis cameras:

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