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By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

Over here at DIS HQ we live, breathe and work data, 7 days a week, offering 24 hours support, however having a full office that includes lots of engineers and technicians I’m sure you’ll agree we also love a beer on our days off!

Now, where’s this going you might ask?

Well, we all know how detrimental Covid-19 and the last 15 months has been on our hospitality industry, well a favourite brewery of our team, Mill Valley Brewery required some funding, after a bottling company couldn’t fulfil their order to bottle their brewed barrels, which saw them having to dispose of, basically tip money down the drain, obviously devastating to Steve and his wife Wendy the brewery owners…

How does this mean anything to DIS?

Well, Mill Valley Brewery decided that their best plan of attack in terms of Covid-19 business survival would be to purchase their own canning machine, where they can, can (not the dance) their own lines and they were looking for funding in order to purchase the required machinery.

Mill Valley Brewery set up a crowdfunding page with several options for donations, one of their options being a minimum £1,000 donation which allowed you to brew your own beer, well how could we say no, the team would never have forgiven Mick, Matt and Adam if they let this opportunity go by! 

What’s next?

So, DIS donated to the cause and we currently have a beer in production.

Our team have been able to create our very own tipple, from recipe, naming the beer and the can design and we can’t wait to sample the finished product…

We’re currently just working on a name… Any ideas we’d love to hear them!