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Data Installation & Supplies Ltd
Data Installation & Supplies Ltd

Software Support

Sometimes glitches and bugs can occur in your network’s software. These problems can have a knock-on effect that can cause your system to operate slowly or not at all. Alternatively, you may be the victim of a cyber attack and need expert assistance recovering from this and protecting your network in future.

Data Installation & Supplies Ltd has encountered a variety of software issues during our time working with networks. This experience gives us the knowledge and skill to be able to provide a high level of software support, diagnosing and fixing most issues that may arise with your software. If you’re having difficulties, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

What are the benefits?


Rapid response to get your system functioning properly again


Our technicians have a vast wealth of experience allowing for quick responses


Bespoke support packages to meet your needs



We will meet with you to discuss what software you are currently using, what issues you are facing, the time frame that suits you and more. Our team will use this information to come up with a plan of action and recommend the next steps to take to get you fully operational once again.


Our skilled team can carry out a lot of software support and troubleshooting remotely, meaning that we don’t need to disrupt your business. However, if we need to come to your premises to assist you, our engineers will work closely with you to ensure that any work is carried out at your quieter times to minimise any inconvenience caused to yourself and your business.



We take a consultative approach to producing a plan of action for supporting your business. Our expertise lies with the technical aspects of the plan, but you know the ins and outs of your business far better than we do, so we value any feedback and other insight that you can provide us.

Maintenance and Support

DIS offers a variety of support solutions designed to ensure your needs are met, including 24-hour remote support, mid-term contract expansion, annual network audits and more. We can combine these solutions into one bespoke package to offer you the coverage you need for your business.

“Puma UK have worked with DIS for many years, they are our ‘go to’ for
all things IT infrastructure, CCTV and access control solutions.”

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