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Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)

Employing or training staff to carry out video surveillance can be expensive and time-consuming. Monitored video surveillance can increase security for your premises, provide actionable statistics and provide a flexible, physical response to potential dangers to your business.

We offer VSaaS to give you the peace of mind that CCTV monitoring offers without the hassle, large expense and time. Not only can it improve your business’ security, but the statistics it provides can drive efficiency, inform decision making and ultimately even improve business operation and cash flow.

What are the benefits?


Increased security with less inconvenience


No maintenance or local infrastructure to maintain


24/7 security


Access your data securely anytime and anywhere


Integrated business data and statistics



Whatever your requirements, we will work with you to ensure that you are provided with the correct service for your needs. We take a consultative approach to our projects to make sure that your thoughts are heard at every step of the way.


We can integrate our cloud-based video surveillance service with any existing software in alarm receiving centres, making installation simple. If you require a CCTV system to pair with the VSaaS platform, we can also supply and install this.



Our team of experts will design a VSaaS package that will suit all of your requirements. For example, if you require the functionality to get advanced business statistics such as people counting and customer profiles, we would recommend a certain package.

Maintenance & Support

DIS will work with you to create a comprehensive support package to ensure that all of your needs are met. Our experience means that we can work to prevent any possible difficulties that may occur before they do.

“Puma UK have worked with DIS for many years, they are our ‘go to’ for
all things IT infrastructure, CCTV and access control solutions.”

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