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Video Analytics

We’re able to provide video analytics for your CCTV devices by transforming your video, audio and other data into insights that you can make informed decisions on.

Video analytics has the ability to provide real insight over all of your assets; from protecting your business from intruders to tracking vehicles all over the country carrying valuable items. Allowing you to act fast by detecting and responding to problems automatically. Security aside, this sophisticated piece of technology can also increase business efficiency and operations by providing you with applications for things like people counting and parking enforcement. The possibilities are endless.

Using edge and server-based video analytics, DIS can provide the correct technology to best suit your business. Advanced analysis routines allow the software to filter out a flood of video images so that you can focus on what’s relevant and important. Contact us today to find out how we can help you respond to problems automatically by implementing video analytics on your business.


What is Video Analytics?

Video analytics is a software application that transcript information on real-life events that are being recorded on CCTV System. The generated descriptions are automatically documented, providing metadata which is used to respond to notify or respond to events that are happening. Such as notify security staff of suspicious activity or start a recording and list cars, number of people and other objects detected in surveillance footage.

Most surveillance footage never gets watched or reviewed because the amount of footage that is recorded is massive. As a result, many security incidents are not detected in time and a lot of suspicious activity gets missed along the way. The lack of time and resources have played a big part in the development of video analytics, which has created a fantastic solution to many of these challenges.

Benefits of Video Analytics

Video analytics can have so many applications that the system can benefit almost any business in some fashion. Whilst some industries will undoubtedly benefit from it more than others, it provides opportunities for increased efficiency in every sector.


Behaviour Patterns

Our automated analytics system can monitor and recognise behavioural patterns within a camera’s field of vision. This information can be highly valuable for increasing productivity or conversion rates. For example, if customers are ignoring one area of your shop completely and engaging heavily with another, you can take steps to remedy this by monitoring exactly how they interact with the different areas. This process allows you to improve operations and can offer a significant return on investment if implemented properly.


Save Money

The fully automated system eliminates the necessity for someone to carry out video surveillance around the clock. You can be notified within seconds of any potential criminal behaviour and take the appropriate reaction. Automatic notifications can cut down response times and eliminate the chance of anything being missed by inattentive employees, allowing you to save money on staff whilst making use of a more proactive, efficient system.


Custom Notifications

Our video analytics system is highly bespoke, allowing for the creation of specific notifications, alerts and measurements that matter to you most. This feature means you can filter out the noise of every notification and focus on the interactions that matter the most to you. Whether that’s potential security breaches, staff movement or key retail areas, you can ensure you’re receiving the information you need to improve processes for your business.


Highly Scalable Solution

As the analytics software stems from central hardware, it’s incredibly easy to add new devices and metrics to it to increase coverage and characteristics monitored. Secure your premises and future-proof your CCTV solution with this seamlessly integrated system.


Convenient Installation

We provide a full installation service ourselves, but if you have some technical knowledge, you can set up the system too. DIS also offer full training and support to ensure you successfully manage to install and curate your network.


Simple Integration

Ability to provide video analytics technology that will slot into your overarching security system, complementing cameras, speakers, security lights and more. For example, if you set up an alert for loiterers in a certain area, video analytics can monitor notify a security guard or play a message over a speaker to encourage them to leave.

Features of Analytics

person-analysed-by-video analytics

The highly advanced analytics software offers many different options that you can take advantage of, including but not limited to:

  • Facial recognition
  • Intrusion detection
  • Zone crossing
  • Object Classification
  • Loitering
  • People counting
  • Occupancy estimator
  • Heat mapping
  • Cue detection
  • Demographic Identifier

During the design and installation process, we’ll work with you to make recommendations of features you require to meet your requirements. Our solutions are utterly bespoke, ensuring that you receive an extensive video analytics package.

For more information on what video analytics can do for your business, request a quote below.

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