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Whilst IP CCTV is primarily used for security purposes, we have a vast wealth of knowledge surrounding the implementation of surveillance systems to monitor process management and quality control in a production or warehouse environment. A system such as this will allow you to combine your business data with video footage to get a clear picture of your processes and where they can potentially be improved upon.

On top of this, we can combine intelligent features such as automatic alerts, 3rd-party integrations, large scale interactive video walls and more to help you save resources and reduce staff needs without sacrificing security.


Benefits of IP CCTV for Business

Although there are many benefits of having an IP CCTV solution for your business, check out 5 benefits of IP CCTV below:


Image Quality

IP cameras capture footage in much higher resolutions, allowing for zooming in on faces which is ideal when you need to identify someone. In the case of criminal proceedings, this can be the difference between prosecution and no result which could result in no financial restitution for yourself. Investing in a CCTV system that is capable of recording in high quality increases the value of your camera system beyond just capturing grainy footage which is no use to anyone.


Remote Monitoring

Rather than having someone sit in front of a bank of monitors 24/7, you can check your cameras on the go from your mobile phone or laptop. Enjoy increased peace of mind knowing that wherever you are, you can look in on your premises and make sure things are all running smoothly. We also offer a monitored video surveillance service, meaning someone can always be watching whilst you keep busy with what you need to do.



It’s much easier to add additional IP cameras to a system than analogue ones, allowing for easy future expansion due to growth. As your business and needs continue to evolve, so too will your security requirements. Our expert engineers are on hand to make recommendations and design additions to your plan when you need them, meaning your system doesn’t need to remain static.



Analogue systems are costing more and more to upgrade to keep up to the standards of IP CCTV. The advances in technology that IP CCTV makes use of have left traditional camera systems in the dust, meaning you have to throw more and more money at a system just to try and keep pace. However, it’s gotten to the point where it is impossible to replicate the features of a network system within the confines of an analogue one. You may be uncertain about spending the money to install an IP CCTV system but think of it as an investment that will save you large amounts of money in the future.


Video Analytics

As an option as part of your IP CCTV package, we offer an extensive video analytics service that can improve the efficiency and workflow of your business. Whether it’s identifying pain points for customers or employees (areas of your business where difficulties are experienced such as narrow corridors), monitoring hot spots (particularly potent in retail to discover ideal spots for high-value goods) or other metrics that can be configured. These incredibly advanced tools can offer so much value to a business of any size that the investment can be easily returned.

How DIS Can Support You

Cctv camera warehouse automation

We understand it can be frustrating to undergo work at your business, especially if your premises are a direct source of revenue for you (i.e. retail). By leveraging our extensive experience, we make sure that the installation process and ongoing experience working with us is as rewarding and straightforward as possible.

Convenient Setup

Video system installation across multiple sites can be disruptive to ongoing processes. We’ve streamlined how the system is set up to ensure it is efficient, allowing you to pre-configure devices before they’re physically connected and installed. This reduces costs, disruption to business and setup time.

Simple Management

It can be a pain to make sure that your CCTV system remains protected and any updates are installed. Fortunately, our specialist systems feature automated updates, ensuring that your camera network always stays up to date and secure.


Easy Integration

We understand that you may already have some security devices and protocols in place to protect your business and maybe aren’t looking to install a whole new system. Our system is fully integrated with a large number of third-party physical security systems, including access control devices, intruder alarms and more.

If you’d like to learn more about how DIS can help to improve your business’ security, please fill in the contact form below.

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