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IP Audio

Whether you require an IP audio system on your premises for security purposes, to give public addresses or even just to play background music, we can provide high quality, effective solutions.

Our network audio systems are easy to use, flexible, scalable and produce high quality sound. These factors make them a solid investment for your company’s future, as they are future-proofed and able to grow and evolve with your needs. 

If you’d like to learn more about how our IP audio systems can support your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch – one of our highly experienced team members will respond as soon as possible.


You may not have even thought about IP audio and the implications it may have for your business, but it can help to streamline processes, improve security and increase productivity.

Minimal Disruption

As our systems work via a network connection, we can utilise your existing infrastructure and connectivity to minimize installation times and costs. This ease of installation and setup means that any intrusion and disruption to your workplace will be minimised, allowing your staff members to continue to work efficiently whilst this is ongoing.

No Interference

Analogue sound signals could easily be distorted or experience interference and crackling from other hardware in the vicinity. Not so with IP audio, which ensures quality is maintained between the source and the transmitter. This means that you can expect crisp and clean sound from your speaker system – ideal for auditoriums and anywhere where precision and clarity of sound is required.

Multiple Locations from one Transmitter

Whether your business stretches across multiple locations or one, large premises, you may require multiple speakers to fully cover the area. With traditional, analogue systems, you would require many unicast streams (direct connection between two devices). However, IP audio allows you to multicast meaning that you can transmit one sound or audio source to multiple speakers or tannoy system at once. On top of this, you can transmit a variety of sounds or music across different locations allowing you to make announcements to individual areas.

Integrated Audio

Audio over IP doesn’t need to be a standalone feature for your business. It can be easily incorporated into existing security systems and networks to provide a fully encompassed suite of protective tools.

Whilst our skilled engineers can design and install a brand-new system for you, we can also supply and install audio components.

Network Speakers

With models designed for both indoor and outdoor use, we can recommend the perfect speaker to complement your existing system. These single units act as a complete audio system and are perfect for live or scheduled announcements, or background music.

Network Audio Amplifiers

Rather than fully replacing your existing analogue audio system, you can use network audio amplifiers to convert traditional, passive speakers into network ones. These can then be linked up and used with other network devices.

SIP Microphone

Transform your audio network into a fully-fledged public address system with a high quality, two-way microphone. With the ability to broadcast to up to 12 zones, this mic can be used to reach large amounts of people at once.

Network Audio Bridge

Take advantage of your traditional audio system with a network audio bridge. Allowing you to combine digital and analogue audio systems, this handy tool means you can revolutionise how you transmit audio without needing to replace everything.


Audio over IP can be used in a number of different ways across many industries. Wherever mass communication or transmission is required, no matter the purpose, these systems can deliver admirable results.

Public Address

If an incident occurs somewhere where a large amount of are located, such as a shopping centre, school or festival, people need to be made aware immediately. The most efficient way of doing this via a tannoy system that can disseminate a message across a crowd quickly and effectively. This can also be repurposed for less serious messages, such as informing shoppers of upcoming sales for example.


Ideal when combined with an IP CCTV system, an IP audio device allows you to alert and deter would-be intruders when they’re spotted. Often telling someone that they’re being watched is enough to dissuade them from any criminal activity. This can also be paired with video analytics to automate the process with motion detection, or alongside access control hardware to create an intercom system.


Background music is a great way to relax people or staff visiting or working in your premises. Connected audio systems can benefit from pre-set levels and music choices, including radio stations. Different areas can have different music too. For example, you might want nursery rhymes playing in a toy shop and then rock music playing in the tattoo parlour next door!

What are the benefits?


Multiple applications, including security, ambience and announcements


Flexible system allows for up-scaling and growth


Can be integrated with existing systems



Whatever your requirements, DIS will be able to help you by supplying the system that meets all of them. We will work with you throughout the whole process to ensure you are always happy with how the project is progressing.


We understand how inconvenient installation work can be, so our team of experts will endeavour to carry out any work during your business’ quieter hours to minimise any disruption to your operations.



Our technicians apply their experience in the sector to design bespoke systems, tailored specifically to your requirements.

Maintenance & Support

DIS offers a 24 hour on-site and remote assistance service to ensure that your system is fully operational around the clock. We can also curate a bespoke maintenance package specifically to cater to your needs, which can include a number of additional benefits, such as access to our Support Portal, an annual free audit and more.

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