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Business Video Intelligence

Business Video Intelligence, often referred to as BVI is a support process for your business as it provides the linking of your strategic business data into video.

When it comes to Business Video Intelligence you can really narrow down all aspects of your operations.

 In the instance of a warehouse industry setting, you can search for specific elements within the process, including the order, the packer, item codes, item description, event (packing bags, new bag, label printer) and time stamp amongst other analysis, all of which are configurable to meet your individual business requirements.

Within the system you will get a full visual representation of your requests, prior to watching the relevant footage from the individual, related camera which has previously captured the footage.

The BVI system is intelligent and knows each location and which camera will be associated with each individual required location.

As the user you can view the complete operation being undertaken and you can identify the order/ individual items being scanned and being put into the bag. 

Similarly, since all aspects are stamped you can navigate directly to a precise element to ensure the item was scanned and correctly packaged, whilst quality assurance will come into place as you can gather the required data to suffice quality control and that all processes are being followed, furthermore all events within the configurable system are indexed.

Upon the completed visual being viewed you can ensure that operations were carried out completely, which mitigates any business risk across many scenarios, including, but not limited to…

  • Customer saying items are missing from package.
  • Tracking of business processes.
  • Items being damaged in the warehouse.
  • Ensures branding and marketing materials are used/ included and correctly included.

All data within the Business Video Intelligence system is configurable, enabling you to see when one order ends and another begins, plus all stages in between being monitored.

BVI is a great way to reduce the time spent scouring hours of footage- the BVI system tracks the item throughout your whole (specifically identified) processes and across all locations within your business.

With Business Video Intelligence you will be keen to understand what other than the ability to view specific footage, what else your business will gain from this technology.

The benefits to you as a business and the added value as a result of introducing and implementing BVI, includes improving workflow as subconsciously with this technology your employee workflows will improve.

These systems ensure that all mistakes can be identified allowing the business to act and react quickly if something is brought to your attention, whether that be a theft at the checkout, or a customer identifying they have a missing item from their parcel it takes seconds to identify as all processes are specific, which in term minimises business risk.

This will in turn maximise profits as you will no longer have gaps in identification which lead to losses and exploitation from both employees and customers, finally you can be assured of improving customer satisfaction, if a customer contacts you the evidence is there and in cases where customer is correct their issue can be remedied quickly.

Business Video Intelligence is an exciting area which we are confident you will see the advantages of, to discuss BVI further, please contact Data Installation & Supplies on 01274 869 099 or and we will discuss your specific business requirements.

What are the benefits to BVI?


Cost Savings


Optimised Business Operation


Supply Chain Reliability

BVI Scanning Parcels

What is Business Video Intelligence?

Business Video Intelligence in a nutshell is the technology which collects both video recordings alongside scanned data and can combine the two.

The data is then merged and analysed to answer queries through its intelligence tools, before presenting the findings in a user-friends way, which means that if any issues arise, fraudulent claims are submitted or thefts are committed using BVI all areas are linked allowing for valuable information to be seen and analysed, ensuring that your business processes are optimised.

What industries is BVI suitable for?

Business Video Intelligence can play an integral role across many industries; however, we specifically promote the technology to our customers in Warehousing and Logistics and Retail due to their need for high security levels, supply chain management and crime reduction.

With the visual information and linking transactions and operations to video recordings provided by BVI it allows for reliable documentation, which is extremely important for our customers within the mentioned sectors as it closes gaps and provides visual information and transactional data quickly.

What are the benefits of Business Video Intelligence?

When it comes to Business Video Intelligence there are many benefits, which if BVI is something that you would be interested in learning a bit more about, including the technologies surrounding how it works, alongside how it can help you, Data installation & Supplies will provide you with your business specific benefits, however an overall umbrella of BVI benefits includes:

  • Cost savings surrounding easy identification around fraudulent claims.
  • Optimised Business Operations whereby corresponding video recordings and transaction types can be found in seconds.
  • Supply Chain Reliability, allowing you the ability to monitor all the individual elements, improving process and workflows and reliable documentation.

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