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Wireless Networks

To accommodate the shift towards portable technology, your office must have fast, reliable wireless networks that staff and visitors can use to get online easily. Whilst mobile phones can be seen as a distraction in some businesses, it is very likely that your company has come to rely on them as another tool for productivity and communication. Likewise, employees may utilise tablets or laptops around the office thanks to the improved mobility that they offer. 

DIS also has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in designing large scale wireless networks that operate business-critical processes such as Warehouse Management Systems.

We will supply the latest wireless technology to create a secure network tailored to your exact specifications. Our skilled engineers will be able to work alongside you to design a system with the right speeds, capacity and coverage to transform the way your organisation does business.

Wireless networks

Does my business need a wireless network?

Simply put, if you plan on using the internet on more than one device or any mobile device, yes you need a wireless network! If you have one computer connected to the internet and that’s all you need to operate, then you can potentially get away with a wired router connected straight to your PC.

However, this is very limiting for your business’ efficiency. As soon as you begin to add more employees or devices into the mix, it can become a logistical nightmare to support internet access for everyone in the business. By sticking with the antiquated wired network, you can actively work against growth and progress within your business.

Benefits of a Wireless Network


In this modern-day, relying solely on ethernet connections can present a business with many risks. Some cables can be prone to damage than a wireless connection wouldn’t be affected by, such as gnawing from pests, accidental cutting and general wear and tear. On top of removing cables from the equation, there are plenty of other benefits that a wireless network can provide for your company.

Keep your staff connected

As more and more companies offer working options that don’t have employees tethered to their desktop PCs, such as work laptops and breakout areas, Wi-Fi is becoming more of a necessary technology in the office. If you work across a large site, then you may require multiple wireless access points to make sure your staff stay connected and able to carry out their roles efficiently.

Make guests feel welcome

Wireless internet access is becoming so commonplace that it has almost become an expectation for a lot of the population, especially businesses in the retail and hospitality sectors. Offering guest Wi-Fi has become a benefit in itself and can attract customers who require this feature.


Bespoke solution

Whilst you can get a business internet connection directly from an ISP, these may not deliver the speeds or reliability that you require. If your company has a large number of employees, you’ll likely need multiple devices to ensure a steady connection that can span the full area of your premises. We’re dedicated to creating a network solution tailored completely to your requirements.

Increase productivity

A custom network can allow employers to implement blocks to certain sites that may be causing issues in the workplace, such as people browsing social media whilst working etc. You can also set alerts for staff members visiting sites that are inappropriate for the working environment.

Business Internet with Wifi router in an office background

Scope for scaling

As your company grows and more employees are hired, it’s a lot easier to just give them the logins for the Wi-Fi network rather than feed a wire all around the office to get them online! As our network solutions are more customisable, you can ensure your bandwidth increases to support your growing demands.

Wider reach

If you work in a large office or a building with multiple floors or sections, staying connected no matter where you are is key. There’s no point in having quiet areas of the office designed for people to make video calls if the internet is so poor that the footage is crackly or lags. We can design wireless networks featuring multiple routers and devices to ensure that your requirements are met and your whole premises are covered.

How DIS can help

We make a point of working closely with you throughout the network installation process. By combining your requirements with our knowledge and expertise in the field, we can design, plan and install a high-quality network for your business.

Standard network packages don’t work as every business or location has differing needs based on several factors, including employee count, premises size, speed requirements and more. Our bespoke installations are designed to encompass all of these requirements and provide you with a solution you can be truly happy with.

Working on an internet connection can naturally be disruptive, so our highly skilled engineers will make sure to minimise any disruption to your business and work whilst installing your wireless network.

Data Installations & Supplies makes sure to use cutting edge hardware that offers improved flexibility and options to support your ongoing needs. Our Wi-Fi access points can be supplied with different characteristics to best suit your business:

  • Enterprise
  • Outdoor casing
  • Hardened access points
  • Branch
  • Plug-and-play (for remote working)

Each of these access points also features network intelligence which allows for use of advanced features, including AI-powered radio frequency optimisation for improved signal quality and range, dynamic segmentation, extensive management options and more.

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