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Data Installation & Supplies Ltd
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Wireless Networks

To accommodate the shift towards portable technology, it’s critical your office have fast, reliable wireless networks that staff and visitors can use to get online easily. Whilst mobile phones can be seen as a distraction in some businesses, it is very likely that your company has come to rely on them as another tool for productivity and communication. Likewise, employees may utilise tablets or laptops around the office thanks to the improved mobility that they offer. 

DIS also has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in designing large scale wireless networks that operate business-critical processes such as Warehouse Management Systems.

We will supply the latest wireless technology to create a secure network tailored to your exact specifications. Our skilled engineers will be able to work alongside you to design a system with the right speeds, capacity and coverage to transform the way your organisation does business.

What are the benefits?


Add wireless connectivity to your premises


Improve an existing system, increasing its speed, capacity, range or more


Allow higher staff and user mobility on-site


Bespoke system created to meet your needs



Different organisations have vastly different requirements; we wholly understand this, which is why we will always offer a tailored solution for your business. DIS’ experienced network technicians will have an in-depth conversation with you to work out what exactly it is you need from your wireless network, then curate a solution that will best suit you.


Data Installation & Supplies Ltd make sure to minimise any disruption to your business when installing your wireless network. We don’t want to cause your organisation to have to cease trading whilst we carry out our work, so our engineers will do their best to work around you.



DIS understand that providing a solution that meets your budget is just as important as a solution that meets your network requirements. In our consultation meetings, we’ll make sure to clarify just how much you have to spend and design a system accordingly.

Maintenance & Support

We’re confident that our systems are built to last, but age and other factors can cause them to become faulty. DIS want to ensure that your network is reliable and runs effectively so we offer 24-hour remote and on-site assistance. We can also create a bespoke maintenance and support contract to suit your business’ needs, which can include a variety of levels of cover.

“Puma UK have worked with DIS for many years, they are our ‘go to’ for
all things IT infrastructure, CCTV and access control solutions.”

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