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Voice Systems & SIP Trunks

Ensuring you have a reliable, high-quality phone line is key to allowing people to get in touch with you and giving them the right impression. Nobody wants to be talking to a potential customer and have their voice crackle or the line cut out. We can supply fully scalable, IP-based, hosted telephony systems with a variety of features to suit your needs. Our unified communications solutions will take the hassle and expense away from having to work with multiple providers for your requirements.

Utilising a hosted telephony system is much more cost-effective than a more traditional system. The cost of WAN bandwidth is decreasing, meaning that the savings that IP telephony offers are gradually increasing. Our expert team has extensive experience in designing, deploying and supporting IP voice systems. In a multi-site corporate network, the ability to transmit internal calls across WAN links eliminates all of the phone call costs associated with traditional systems.


Combined utility

The latest IP telephony systems additionally allow you to combine voice, video and messaging (including IM) on a single platform. This means that DIS can deliver a media-rich, versatile solution allowing all users to stay fully connected, giving you the ability to conduct video meetings from your desks while reducing the time and costs associated with travelling to meetings.

Make working from home easier

As more and more businesses are branching out into remote working, employees are often relying on third party systems to sit meetings. However, relying on third party video sharing software and systems can be damaging in case of service outages, or the possibility of security issues. A unified communications platform can make life much easier for remote workers, as well as keeping them included in the workplace culture.

Support national or international staff

If your company already has multiple offices across the UK, or around the world, an integrated communications platform can ensure that everyone can securely communicate and share files between them. This is a highly collaborative system that can improve workflow and conversations between departments or offices, even if they’re based on different continents!

Analyse system usage

Our built-in, advanced analytics software allows you to closely monitor how your IP phone systems are used. This will allow you to identify any regular spikes in demand or needs and allocate the necessary resources to ensure that this heavy usage doesn’t lead to downtime or outages.

Disaster Recovery

In case unexpected events occur that lead to your phone lines being down, you can set up automatic call diversion to a designated secondary system, site or number that can support incoming calls.

Fraud Protection

Our SIP trunks are subject to constant scrutiny in order to detect unusual call activity that may be indicative of fraud. Hackers try to gain access to business phone systems in order to make telephone calls, which are normally scam calls too. An immediate response to this threat can minimise the chance that your line will be blacklisted due to these dodgy calls.

What is a SIP Trunk?

SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, is one of the possible protocols that can be utilised for VoIP communications. It works by providing a way for voice signals to be converted into data which can then be decoded by devices used by a caller.

‘Trunk’ is the name for a bundle of phone lines that were shared between users, which is a bit of a misnomer as SIP trunks are technically wireless, but the name stuck!

SIP trunks are becoming standard practice for industries to connect their business phone networks over the internet due to the amount of advantages they offer over more traditional protocols.

What are the benefits?


Cost efficient voice communication solution


Easily scalable systems take seasonality future growth into account


High call quality


No change to your existing numbers



The solution your company needs may differ greatly from another company’s, so we don’t offer generic systems. We work with you to determine what exactly you require from your voice system and then our team of expert engineers will work to create a tailored solution to meet these requirements.


DIS understands how critical it is to avoid interruption to your business. Our expert team of professionals can deploy a new voice system as quickly and smoothly as possible.



Advancements in IP telephony technology mean that additional unified communication features can be included in a system, including voice, video and text messaging. This flexibility means that we can design solutions to meet all of your requirements, budgetary and functionally.

Maintenance & Support

We can also design a bespoke maintenance package to complement your telephony system, offering features like 24/7 access to remote and on-site assistance, access to our extensive Support Portal and more. These contracts can provide you with the additional peace of mind of knowing that DIS will work quickly to get your systems operational again.

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