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Security-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Cyber threats today are far greater than they have ever been before. More and more hackers are emerging and launching attacks on businesses, meaning that having extensive network security is more critical than ever. DIS understands that it’s not just about catching threats before they happen, but also addressing attacks before they damage your system.

As threats become more advanced, it’s critical to ensure your security measures evolve to match them. A traditional firewall alone won’t cut it anymore, and our security-as-a-service offering encompasses network access control, posture validation, SSL and many other technologies which allow all networks to be secure and highly available to your users.


Benefits of Security as a Service

No matter the size or sector of your business, if you utilise the internet or internet-connected devices as part of your everyday work, you need to ensure you’re secured online. With hackers constantly evolving in how they target and breach systems, it’s more important than ever to look at a fully guaranteed, round the clock, cutting edge security solution.

1. Advanced Threat Detection

Cyber attackers are constantly coming up with new ways to infiltrate and damage businesses, leading to data loss, network outages, user information leaks and more. The network security service that we provide utilises powerful behavioural analytics to identify and neutralise potentially invasive or problematic websites, programs or downloads before they can take root on your network. Our security-as-a-service can handle a wide range of attack, including advanced malware, drive-bys, script-based attacks or exploits that may be able to manoeuvre around outdated or basic anti-virus software. Once a threat has been identified, our software will trigger, isolating the infected machine from the network and stopping the spread there before our analysts can inspect the risk thoroughly.

2. Intelligent Learning Systems

As our network security program runs in the background of your system, it will build up a contextual picture of the normal use of attached devices, picking up network traffic, mobile device usage, web usage, existing security protocols and more. This improves its ability to analyse new activity and detect threats, leading to the most complete, advanced behavioural analysis-based security program on the market.

3. Data Restoration

Rollback protocols for some network security solutions may involve losing hours, days or even weeks’ worth of work and data. These losses can be devastating and can lead to losing projects, income and other disastrous consequences. Our security software tracks every action that occurs on the machine from boot up to infection, allowing us to reverse anything that leads to the malicious attack step by step.

4. Fight Back Against Ransomware

Ransomware is an increasingly common form of cyber attack that causes you to be locked out from devices, or even your network until you pay a certain amount of money (even then, you might not get access back). Our system has fully integrated response protocols to deal with this type of attack, whether it’s an already known or true ‘Zero Day’ advanced threat. This ties in with our restoration features that allow us to reverse most forms of damage that occur during a ransomware attack.

5. Scalability

Our services are designed to grow alongside your requirements. As your employee numbers, devices or types of internet usage evolve, we can change your security-as-a-service plan to reflect these needs.

6. Peace of Mind

Secure your network and your business with little to no involvement from yourself. We take the hassle away from you to provide your business with a complete solution that will allow you to focus more on what you need to do to succeed.

Advantages of Choosing DIS

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Ensure you choose a company that will collaboratively work with you, supporting you and keeping you safe. It can be daunting to trust a third party with handling your business’ most critical and confidential information, but our skilled engineers will work alongside you – think of us as part of your business! There are many advantages that Data Installation & Supplies has over other providers, including:

  • Availability – We offer 24/7 support and monitored systems, ensuring that any issues are swiftly handled
  • Rapid response – our team understand how distressing it can be to suffer a breach or cyber attack so we make sure we’re on hand when you need us
  • Forward planning – thanks to our expertise in disaster recovery, we can create tailored plans to best counteract and manage potential threats
  • Glowing testimonials – we’re biased, so why don’t you take a look at what some of our previous clients have to say?

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