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Data Installation & Supplies Ltd
Data Installation & Supplies Ltd

Network Infrastructure

Whether you are looking to upgrade or expand your existing network infrastructure, or install a new network in your premises, Data Installation & Supplies Ltd can help. We are specialists in creating reliable, high-speed networks for businesses, as this was one of the very first services we offered when the company started out.

DIS has over 30 years of experience working with network solutions, adopting innovative technology and techniques over this period to ensure that we always provide cutting edge results. Our systems combine high-spec hardware and software resources to create fast, reliable and secure networks for your premises, no matter the scope of your requirements.

What are the benefits?


Communicate easily between different departments and offices


Maintain a stable internet connection


Keep your business’ and customer’s data secure


Ensure efficiency of business processes



Our expert engineers will come to speak with you and get a better understanding of your business and network requirements. Data Installation & Supplies Ltd work closely with you to create a solution that perfectly fits all of your needs. We will be available for consultation at any time throughout the project, ready to discuss any extra features or changes that may occur.


DIS completely understands how vital a competent network infrastructure is to your business, but we also realise how disruptive its installation can be. We pride ourselves on our professional image and performance and endeavour to cause as little disruption as possible to your business. Our qualified team of engineers will always make sure to consult with you to work around your busiest times and sensitive areas of your premises.



Data Installation & Supplies Ltd use the most cutting-edge technology on the market, but we understand that budget constraints mean that alternative network components are required. We will utilise the client brief and consultation with yourselves as the groundwork for your system and ensure that we create an appropriate solution that fulfils all of your requirements.

Maintenance & Support

The impact that any network downtime can have on a business’ income and efficiency can be huge. DIS understands the need to address these potential issues before they become costly inhibitors to your business service. To this end, we have designed our support solutions to ensure that customers will have immediate access to highly trained networking experts, providing 24-hour remote and on-site assistance. We can also design a bespoke support package to suit your business’ needs, including access to a support portal, free covered faulty hardware replacement or repair, a free annual network audit and more.

“Puma UK have worked with DIS for many years, they are our ‘go to’ for
all things IT infrastructure, CCTV and access control solutions.”

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