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MPLS Private WAN

An MPLS Private WAN system can provide you with a reliable and secure high-speed connection point for employees to link to. Whether you require a network for one location, multiple business premises or remote workers, we can supply a high quality, nationwide MPLS network.

A Multiprotocol label switching Private WAN connection is configurable and flexible, meaning that you can make decisions based on your requirements, such as broadband or Ethernet connectivity. The system is also easily scalable, providing you with an effective connectivity solution that can grow alongside your business.

What is MPLS Private WAN?


A Private WAN (wide area network) is an IP-based VPN (virtual private network) that utilises MPLS (multi-protocol label switching) to increase security and minimise the use of public networks whilst enabling your Private internet traffic. There was a lot of jargon in that sentence that you might not understand, but don’t worry – we’re going to keep breaking things down! This is a complex solution, but we’re fortunate to have skilled engineers who understand and install these networks regularly.

Starting at the smallest level, a LAN is a local area network, which is the term used to describe multiple devices connected together in one location, such as an office, school or library. WAN is the term used for a collection of these LANs and covers more than one location. For example, if you have an office in Leeds that featured a LAN, and you then linked that up with your office & LAN that’s based in Newcastle, that would be a WAN.


A WAN can utilise a public transmission infrastructure to form a connection. Public transmission infrastructures include the internet and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Whilst this is a viable option, public networks are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks or disconnections due to sharing with the wider population. A Private WAN can be connected in multiple ways, with fibre optic being one of the most popular options to do so.

Now we’ve explained what a Private WAN is, what is MPLS? MPLS stands for multi-protocol label switching and is a routing technique within networks that directs data across connections by taking multiple short paths between nodes, rather than an extended pathway featuring long network addresses. These long network addresses cause table lookups that take additional time, meaning that communication across them takes longer. MPLS allows for much faster, near-instantaneous communication, making it an ideal solution for businesses with a collaborative approach to working.



  • Increase your security when using the internet for your business operations, as a centralised firewall can be fitted specifically for your business to protect all users. Even if they’re dotted about in more than one location.
  • Make use of a reliable network no matter where your employees are, whether working from home or another site location.
  • Improve your company’s productivity, as the use of built-in applications enables collaboration in multiple locations.
  • Choose from a range of applications to be integrated for supporting your organisation, such as video conferencing.
  • Meet your specific requirements as a business with scalable bandwidth


When originally created, the system was intended to improve the performance of ATM and frame relay. Now, it’s used for high-speed connectivity in private enterprise networks like those used for business. Some of the best examples of how virtual private networks are used include multiple branch offices, universities and company sites which are spread over many areas. With more and more offices opting to allow remote working or focusing on national or international growth, an MPLS WAN can facilitate this flawlessly.

The systems differ from a VPN, or virtual private network, as MPLS tells data where to go in advance which halves the wait time within the private WAN. Centralised firewalls minimise infiltration by using the latest security protocols. If your employees need to access cloud-based programs or work on a project simultaneously, then this additional speed can support this, improving workflow and efficiency.

Public or Private WAN?

A Wide Area Network can be set using public or private transmission infrastructure. Both options can achieve the same goal and have their own advantages and disadvantages but DIS strongly recommends opting for a private WAN. We’ll list some of the pros and cons below, and you should be able to see why!

Advantages of a Private WAN

  • In-depth management options allow for improved security
  • Improved reliability and uptime when compared to public options
  • Can support higher transfer speeds
  • Easily communicate and work simultaneously
  • Ensure high speed, secure transfers across multiple locations
  • Scalable due to being managed by yourself or a representative company

Disadvantages of a Private WAN

  • Can be more expensive to set up than a public WAN
  • Specialised staff to manage the network, but we can offer that

Advantages of a Public WAN

  • Public networks are generally cheaper to set up and operate
  • They’re available almost everywhere
  • Can be easier to manage yourself

Disadvantages of a Public WAN

  • Public infrastructures can be used by anyone (hence the name) meaning that security can be massively compromised
  • Cyber attacks can be more common
  • Disconnections are more frequent due to increased users and different types of traffic
  • Internet outages can be commonly experienced, decreasing network reliability
  • The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) has a transfer speed around 56kb/s, which is not enough to support modern technology such as videoconferencing

Public WANs can be notoriously unreliable, leaving your business floundering during critical moments. If you handle unencrypted, confidential data, then utilising public transmission infrastructures can be a risky choice due to the potential consequences of a data breach. With data handling being a critical component of any business, ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) is being particularly stringent and harsh on any companies that fall foul of a cyber attack.

How will MPLS Private WAN help my business?

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