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Direct Internet Access

Direct Internet Access

Direct Internet Access can provide your business with an incredibly dependable and solid internet connection, making it perfect for any company that requires an around-the-clock connection that doesn’t stutter or fail. Having a connection that you know you can rely on in the most crucial moments gives you the peace of mind to carry out your work to the highest standard without worry.

If you’ve considered standard broadband or fibre optic packages and ruled them out as unsuitable for your needs, then direct internet access is likely the perfect solution for your needs.

Foundations of DIA

Find out more about why your business might need direct internet access, even if you don’t know it, in this handy video. Sharing might be caring, but if other businesses in the area are hogging your connection’s bandwidth then you’ll suffer as a result! Bypass them by ensuring you have a direct line to the information superhighway.

What types of business might need DIA?

Any type of business that uses the internet could benefit massively from using direct internet access for their connection, but those that rely on it heavily will see phenomenal improvements. Whether you require lightning-fast speeds to continually update the information required to work, or guaranteed reliability to ensure uptime of websites during crucial periods, DIA can provide you with the level of infrastructure that you require. Some examples of these include:

Ecommerce Websites

If your business does a lot of online trade, not being able to access your website to process orders and maintain stock levels can be disastrous. If this happens on a huge retail event such as Black Friday, or the lead up to Christmas, you can lose an enormous amount of revenue. The superior stability of DIA can ensure that you don’t lose connection at critical moments!

Collaborative Businesses

If your business has multiple employees who all need access to the same document or cloud-based program, direct internet access can offer unparalleled speeds to support this. In this modern world of remote working, hot-desking and other business practices, collaboration is key for efficient working.

Large-Scale Businesses

If your company has a large number of employees all accessing and utilising the internet simultaneously, this can lead to lag, disconnects and frustration – all of which lead to poor efficiency and annoyed workers. A direct internet connection can handle many users at once in an effective manner, ensuring a reliable and high-speed connection.

Benefits of Direct Internet Access


There are plenty of reasons that you might want to upgrade your connection. Whether you’re suffering from a slow-down at the moment or you’re trying to future-proof your networks, upgrading to direct access offers lots of benefits that other connections just can’t offer.


By directly accessing the internet, you bypass the green cabinet at the end of the road and ensure you’re receiving the highest speeds possible for your location. You won’t be sharing with other people in the area who can be responsible for slowing you down.


We can re-route your traffic around major providers who are much more likely to have outages or issues, meaning that the service you receive shouldn’t be affected when the big names of the internet providing go down.



We can’t say DIA will be the cutting edge of internet connections forever but taking on your direct line to the internet will put you in good stead for the potential changes on the horizon, as Britain continues to adopt a shift to all-IP.

24/7 Support

We offer round the clock support and maintenance to make sure you stay connected all day every day. Whether you offer a day and night service or just have some night owl employees, we can be on hand to keep things moving.

Direct Internet Access vs Business Broadband

Whilst business broadband may be suitable for some small to medium businesses, direct internet access will always outperform it in terms of speed and reliability. Most ISPs offer their version of business broadband with differing features, but there are some standard benefits that business internet has over regular broadband packages.

Business Broadband Features

  • Speed – business broadband is quicker than regular broadband but still slower than DIA.
  • Added security – the average domestic user likely has less to risk when using the internet when compared to businesses.
  • Improved customer support – businesses are often larger accounts for ISPs, leading them to offer better services.
  • IP audio & telephony services – often bundled in with broadband for businesses are VoIP phone lines designed to improve how a business communicates over the phone.

Overtake Business Broadband with Direct Internet Access

Business broadband connections generally have to be shared with other users in the neighbourhood. Much like domestic internet connections, if one person in the house is downloading massive amounts of files from the internet, other devices suffer, which can be infuriating for everyone else who’s suffering low download speeds! DIA means you won’t be connected to a green cabinet at the end of the road, and you’ll instead enjoy unfettered internet access via a wired or wireless connection. By bypassing this, you don’t have to share and can enjoy the rapid speeds that you need to keep things rolling.

As DIA doesn’t need to rely on one of the big internet providers, you can enjoy even higher security measures for your business thanks to personalised protocols. Whilst business broadband will have set alerts and blocks in place, they may be unsatisfactory for the protection you need, especially if you’re dealing with confidential information. We can work with you to ensure your network security is completely air-tight, minimising the risk of information breaches and cyber-attacks.

Go Direct with DIS

Rather than go through customer support agent after customer support agent until you finally reach the department you need with large ISP call centres; our dedicated team of staff are always on hand to guide you or pass you directly to someone who can help you. Why go all around the houses when you can go straight to the front door and get the information you need?

We also offer high-quality IP telephony services to complement your network infrastructure. With custom solutions tailored to your requirements and speeds, you can be sure of a more bespoke package when compared to an out-of-the-box phone system that you may get offered with a business broadband contract.

Why should I get DIA with DIS?

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