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STaaS Storage as a Service

Every business is different, storage demands can be complicated and challenging to manage. Often companies find that their storage requirements need high levels of security and efficiency, which can be quite expensive and complex. Especially if for your company is doing all that by itself.

Luckily, we’re able to offer (STaaS) Storage as a Service that can scale beyond limited servers, built with security and speed in mind. With impressive flexibility and scalability, your business can evolve easily and stand the test of time.

Our storage solutions can suit every business, no matter what your needs are, we’re sure we can supply it. DIS offer a range of options, including storage tiers which vary in speed. These tiers can be combined to create a solution that meets your budgetary and operational requirements.

STaaS Storage as a Service

Storage as a Service

Storage as a Service (STaaS) is a cloud-based business model for those wanting to stand the test of time. With STaaS, you can store parts of your business data on remote disks and access them from anywhere! Instead of spending loads of money and time to create your onsite infrastructure, you can rent the space from us instead. This way you get the convenience of unlimited storage, while we take care of all the hassle around maintenance, support and protection. 

Smaller to medium scale companies tend to use our storage solutions as it’s an ideal model for managing backups while saving money on physical space and hardware. The personnel alone can be costly, and once you start factoring all the maintenance, training and support into things, it can become very expensive.

Having STaaS is a great alternative to storing all your data on-prem, as your storage and backup needs can be met with multi-tier storage options along with guaranteed solutions from the service level agreement (SLA). 

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Multi-Tier Storage 

Multi-tier storage is a flexible approach, offering different levels of capacity to suit your infrastructure needs. This is often used to cut costs by putting any old or archive files into a lower costing tier while putting high-security files into higher-priced tiers. 

At DIS, we understand that every business is different and that’s why we offer a tailor-made IT solution to suit your specific needs. We match your requirements, assess which parts of your infrastructure need the ultrafast, guaranteed performance of Tier 0 and which parts are best kept in the reliable and affordable storage of Tier 3. So no matter what your budget is or how big or small you are, we can always supply you with an agile and scalable solution. 

Tier 0 Storage

High performance storage

Tier 0 is the best level of storage you can get, offering the highest possible speed and security. Can take extremely time-sensitive data in high volumes, analyse it and present it rapidly. Well suited for transactional data that must be accessible quickly and efficiently, requiring remarkably high performance where time equals money.

Tier 1 Storage

Mission critical data

Tier 1 storage is used for mission-critical application data, offering the latest-generation systems with better performance and reliability than Tier 2 Storage. Supporting revenue-generating and customer-facing applications supplying high performance with near-zero downtime and fast recovery time objectives.

Tier 2 Storage

Broad-range of applications and data

Tier 2 Storage covers a broad range of business applications such as email, backup data, file systems and databases. Cheaper than Tier 1 storage and is considered a perfect balance between cost and performance. Tier 2 is commonly used for storing active business data where a fast response is still needed but not always required.

Tier 3 Storage

Long-term Storage

Tier 3 storage is the primary focus for tape and represents one of the fastest-growing areas in tiered storage. Popular for archive files in high capacities with moderate to low activity as part of a long-term business strategy. Tier 3 is often referred to as ‘green storage’ due to the lowest energy consumption of any tier.

Blend Storage Options

The best part about tiered storage is that you can blend different storage technologies into a seamless infrastructure, enabling the business to easily manage their demands.

Multi-tier storage caters to the forever changing technology, which is great for business continuity. Your business can fully optimise storage costs while delivering the capacity needed to support everyday operations.

We’re also able to provide you with the software required to access your stored data, where you can perform standard tasks including data transfers and data backups. Any data that has been lost or corrupt can be fully restored just by requesting a copy from us. 

The storage as a service that we provide is an excellent way to mitigate any risk in disaster recovery as we can supply you with long term data storage and ultimately supplying your business with enhanced stability. 

Storage as a Service Benefits

There are many benefits when migrating your data to the cloud, but here are 5 reasons why you should consider using DIS as your storage service provider…

1. Collaboration

With business environments forced into virtual reality, a lot of people are adapting to work from home. With STaaS, users have access to cloud storage services, which make the ideal solution for collaboration purposes. Employees can work from anywhere and still have access to edit and collaborate on a single file or document. Staff don’t need to be in the same office to collaborate because they have access to cloud features, so they have full transparency on the latest version. 

2. Cost

Backing up and storing data safely isn’t fun and it isn’t cheap. Let’s take a second to think of the costs of the equipment, then the costs of personnel, the time it takes to manually complete backups, oh and the physical storage space expenses. Now think of paying a monthly fee for all of that to be taking care of, doesn’t that sound nice? Storage as a service provides unlimited storage space in the cloud, reducing the costs associated with traditional methods.

3. Security

One of the most important aspects of STaaS is security and not to keep all your eggs in one basket. Encrypting and replicating data off-site reduces the risk of any physical threat and with cloud servers providing automated backups you can rest knowing your data is safe. Storing your data into the cloud ensures your data is protected from any disaster such as floods, cyberattacks and even user errors.  

4. Sharing

Opting for Storage as a Service allows users to easily share data in just a few clicks as files are automatically updated across all company devices including user’s smartphones, desktops and so on. Everyone will have access to the latest files, showing what change has been made and who exactly made those changes.

5. Automation

A common issue businesses have is creating data backups and choosing the right time to complete this tedious task can be difficult. All of which can be simplified and accomplished through automation. After users have selected what they want to backup, we take care of the rest. Leaving you to focus on other areas of the business, knowing this is all taken care of. 

Every Business is Different

STaaS is becoming more and more popular within many different types of industries, especially amongst the small to mid-sized businesses. Mainly because people are realising that storing files remotely rather than locally provide a lot more benefits for all types of users.

As our storage solutions can be tailor-made for each business, we’re able to suit every business that wants to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with technology.

With the safety of a Service Level Agreement (SLA), you’ll always get exactly what you pay for.

Contact us to discuss how we can provide a convenient solution to manage your storage needs.


STaaS Storage as a Service

What is STAAS?

STaaS stands for Storage as a Service, which is a cloud computing model that gives businesses the option to purchase storage space for their infrastructure from storage providers like DIS.

What is Storage as a Service and why might a business use it?

Storage as a Service also known as STaaS, is commonly used by businesses who wish to purchase infrastructure from a Storage Provider such as DIS. Businesses use Storage as a service to scale beyond limited servers and house redundant data. IT managers may want to use it to restore any corrupted or lost data and the convenience of data transfers. While CEO’s might use it to save costs on physical space, hardware and personnel.

Why is cloud storage needed?

Cloud storage is needed for businesses to continue functioning from anywhere and at any time. With recent lockdown rules due to the global pandemic, cloud storage provides business continuity offering staff to continue working from home or the office. It’s also needed as an insurance measure in case a device gets lost or broken.

Which service is a storage service?

DIS offer Storage as a Service or STaaS which is commonly used by small to mid-sized companies to house their network infrastructure.

What is a cloud storage provider?

A cloud storage provider is a company that offers to house other businesses data for a price. Businesses can rent cloud-based storage space, from a storage provider to store their data in the cloud.

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