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Data Installation & Supplies Ltd
Data Installation & Supplies Ltd

Private & Public Cloud

Whether you require the increased security of a private cloud server or just need the flexibility and scalability of a public cloud, we can supply both of these systems. Our knowledge and expertise in this field means that you are guaranteed a secure, high-speed solution for your business.

DIS will work alongside you to ascertain your exact requirements, then design and supply a cloud system that will meet these needs. By using our cloud services, we can save you time and money that would have been spent on creating your business’ own cloud server.

What are the benefits?


Saves your company time and money


High levels of security


Flexible and easily scalable in future



Data Installation & Supplies Ltd always takes a consultative approach to our work. We recognise that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to networks and cloud technology, so our experienced engineers will work with you to make sure that we understand exactly what it is you need.


As we supply your cloud hosting, most of the set-up will take place digitally, minimising disruption in your workplace. However, we will need to carry out some installation and configuration on-site, but our engineers will endeavour to carry out this work during times that will have the least effect on your business’ operation.



We supply validated designs that undergo thorough testing before implementation. When working to meet your requirements, we have a variety of options that we can recommend and utilise to ensure that you are satisfied with your tailored solution.

Maintenance & Support

Downtime and faults can have costly impacts on your business. This is why we offer 24-hour support, remote and on-site, to ensure that we keep you up and running. Our cloud servers are constantly monitored, meaning that we will be quickly alerted to any issues that may arise.

“Puma UK have worked with DIS for many years, they are our ‘go to’ for
all things IT infrastructure, CCTV and access control solutions.”

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