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Office 365 Managed Services

With Office 365 Managed Services you can enjoy all the benefits of O365 (also known as M365) without the tedious and constant maintenance that comes with it. Leave the support and maintenance to us, we’ll save your IT team plenty of time by managing all aspects of Office 365 such as end-to-end lifecycle management with direct provisioning, billing, updates and support for online services. 

Working with a certified Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) offers IT support by managing all Microsoft Office 365 software and license, so you don’t have to.

What are the Microsoft CSP benefits?


Monthly pricing per user


Reliable IT Tech support


Increase productivity for IT resources


Help with Office 365 Migration

What is office 365 CSP?

What is office 365 CSP?

Microsoft released the Cloud Solution Provider program to help business using Office 365 with a quicker support system and provide reliable access to updated software. With a CSP your Microsoft office 365 experience is much simpler, where you can expect a much faster support service.

As an Office 365 CSP, we make your life easier by handling all the tedious elements of Microsoft Office 365, so your IT staff has more time to focus their efforts on more important parts of your business.

Office 365 CSP is a program for Microsoft partners for which customers can use to help with migration, fill in any end-user support gaps, access Microsoft resources and much more to help customers get the best out of Microsoft Office 365 platform.

Cloud Solutions Provider

Cloud Solutions Provider

The cloud is becoming increasingly popular for businesses wanting to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with demand. Faced with an ever-changing digital world it makes sense to deploy more IT solutions into the cloud for flexibility and functionality.

As a Cloud Solution Provider, DIS can manage and support any increase or decrease in licences, so that you only pay for what you use. We provide support for any issues your team may have and give your team one point of contact with one monthly billing system.

The Cloud is a trend that isn’t slowing down any time soon, in fact, experts agree that one in four companies will move all of their apps into the cloud with a year.

Office 365 migration

Office 365 migration

If you are a small business, Microsoft itself won’t be able to help you with migration, which is where we step in.

Being a certified CSP means we can provide you with Office 365 Managed Services including your help with your migration. It’s best that your office 365 migration is handled by an experienced team.

Here at DIS, we can migrate all your emails and accounts, minimising your downtime and eliminate the risk of losing data. We’ve done this before, don’t worry.

Why move to office 365 CSP?

Still unsure as to why you would move to Office 365 CSP? Let’s dive in a little deeper and give you 3 reasons why:


1. Pay per user on a monthly cycle

Getting an annual bill hurts, especially when some users have only used the license for 2 months and not the full year. Paying monthly offers much more flexibility as you only pay for the licenses that are being used.

2. Office 365 End-User Support 

End-users will get support from real people in real-time. As a Cloud Solutions Provider for Microsoft Office 365, we manage to get your issues escalated far quicker than you would alone. Resulting in getting any problems resolved much faster.

3. Help your IT with DIS CSP

Having DIS as your Office 365 CSP gives your IT staff more time to focus on other areas of the business, which will increase productivity all around. We’re more than happy to manage the updates, licenses and support etc. So you don’t have to.


Get Office 365 Managed Services with DIS as your CSP!

As a CSP, we’re able to provide Office 365 Managed Services, Including Office 365 and Azure, some of Microsoft’s most popular products. With no restrictions on company size or location, your business can join us from anywhere in the world and with any number of employees.

Want to save money on your Microsoft Office 365 licenses? Contact us today to find out more.

“Having monthly Office 365 payments is great because we only pay for what we use.”

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