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Hybrid Cloud

Depending on your requirements, a single cloud solution may not be a suitable solution. A hybrid cloud system can combine multiple databases, applications, teams and more to create a well-rounded, complete answer to your needs.

Hybrid cloud is a mixture of multiple services, offering the most comprehensive and scalable cloud system for companies with more complex needs. It is a highly flexible and future-proofed solution which can grow and evolve to accommodate your growing business.

What are the benefits?


Easily control costs due to increased efficiency


Blend and combine services for an improved user experience


Future-proofed, scalable solution

Can integrate older programs and assets with new cloud services



Our experts will come out to have an initial exploratory conversation with you about your needs. In this consultation, we will discuss your requirements and work to determine what cloud service we would recommend. It may be that a public or private cloud is adequate for your needs, but a hybrid solution is often the optimal solution.


Most of the set-up work involved in a hybrid cloud system takes place on our end, but we will need to come to you to carry out some installation work and training. We will endeavour to carry this out in quieter times of your business in order to minimise any disruption that could occur.



Our engineers are highly experienced, meaning that DIS has the knowledge and capacity to design a hybrid cloud system that will fulfil all of your requirements efficiently.

Maintenance & Support

Any technical faults or downtime can have financial consequences for your business. We offer 24 hour remote and on-site assistance, ensuring that any issues or inconveniences are dealt with swiftly. DIS also offers extensive, tailored support packages, affording you peace of mind that your system will be monitored.

“Puma UK have worked with DIS for many years, they are our ‘go to’ for
all things IT infrastructure, CCTV and access control solutions.”

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