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Hybrid Cloud Solution

A single cloud solution is great for some, but limited for others, especially for more complex business needs. Hybrid Cloud Solution is a popular cloud computing solution because it combines both Private Cloud and Public Cloud into one.

Using a combination of cloud services, Hybrid Cloud takes the low costs of Public Cloud, mixes it with the security of Private Cloud and provides a highly efficient and scalable solution for your business.

With our migration technique, we’re able to provide a bespoke Hybrid solution to suit your specific business needs. We can combine any IT infrastructure requirements into a hybrid cloud solution and make it work for your unique business.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid Cloud Foundation

Why chose between Private or Public Cloud when you can have the best of both worlds with Hybrid Cloud? Limiting your options in this forever changing digital world is a risk. Unless you have specific needs that can be met by one or the other, then there’s no need to choose. With Hybrid Cloud you can have your cake and eat it too.

Understand some of the Hybrid Cloud benefits below to see why this solution is so popular.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to cloud computing, as organisations have different needs, some are small and unique, while others are big and complex. Whatever your business requirements are, Hybrid Cloud UK is likely to be the best cloud solution for you.

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Hybrid Cloud Benefits

Aside from driving higher performance and efficiency, the key benefit of Hybrid Cloud is agility.
Creating a future-proof environment with forever changing technology, being agile gives companies a competitive advantage by staying ahead of the curve.

Cloud Control

Keep company legacy assets private, while making applications public. If you don’t want something being public, then it will stay private and if you change your mind, well then you can make it public.


A lot of money can be saved when using Public Cloud compared to using Private cloud. Rather than having IT resources on-premise, many users take advantage of our Co-location due to the low costs associated with Hybrid Cloud.

Hybrid Security

With access to 3 data centres across the UK, we can ensure your data is protected. The Hybrid Cloud UK solution also accommodates for sensitive data or legacy applications to remain on-premises. 


Hybrid cloud is extremely flexible, you can customise your environment to suit specific needs and move workloads between different cloud environments.


Employees can access business applications from anywhere and at any time, offering great productivity for people working from home, on business trips and more.


Keep sensitive data on the Private Cloud by moving as much business functions to the Public Cloud giving you the ability to scale quickly and economically.

Hybrid Cloud Migration

It’s not as complicated as it seems, a lot of people may find the thought of migrating to the cloud to be a little overwhelming and probably think it’s too much hassle. However, support comes in abundance with DIS, usually more than what we bargain for because we want our customers to always feel comfortable and happy.

Migrating to the Cloud doesn’t have to happen overnight, you can just do a little bit at a time and gradually migrate workloads and easing your business into the modern way of working.

Let us create a seamless migration for you, no matter how unique and intricate your business may be.

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

The characteristics of a hybrid cloud architecture include managing your IT infrastructure and encouraging elements of your business to work together while remaining distinct.

Keep legacy applications private

The choice is yours. We can connect existing systems running on traditional architectures that contain sensitive information or legacy applications. Anything that is not suited for the public cloud will remain private and secure.

Free up space in your Private Cloud 

The beauty of Hybrid Cloud architecture is the amount of space it creates in your private cloud or on-premise infrastructure. Putting the right workload into the right environment saves you a crazy amount of time and money.

The choice is yours. 

You remain in control and can choose what goes into the public environment and what stays in the private environment. You can maintain a private environment for sensitive data and separately create a shared work environment so colleagues can work collectively even from different locations.

Comparing Cloud Solutions

Private Cloud Vs Hybrid Cloud

Private Cloud Vs Hybrid Cloud

With private cloud being physically located on-prem, there’s usually someone really stressed out managing a data centre on-site. However, those using Hybrid Cloud, usually delegate some responsibilities by taking advantage of the additional resources available in the public cloud, allowing them to focus on more areas of the business.

If you have someone to constantly maintain the services, infrastructure, hardware, software, updates and more, then having a Private Cloud is great. However, if that someone also needs the time to focus on other areas of the business, then having Hybrid Cloud is a great solution.

With Hybrid Cloud, businesses can meet real-time needs with access to software and as much storage as needed without running out of immediate space with Private Cloud.

Public Cloud Vs Hybrid Cloud

Public Cloud Vs Hybrid Cloud

Public cloud services are great for increasing your storage with high scalability, perfect for unpredicted workload demand. However, Hybrid Cloud offers the same benefits with more visibility and control on the company infrastructure.

With Hybrid Cloud, sensitive data remains on-prem while regular workloads are accessible from the Public Cloud, so you and your colleagues can work collectively online while keeping company legacy secure on-prem.

Hybrid Cloud Management

We make managing Hybrid cloud really easy for your IT infrastructure team by keeping the environments updated and secure. This allows your team to focus on other areas of the business knowing that your assets are in safe hands.

Do you have the classic on-prem set-up?

The classic on-prem, private cloud infrastructure is becoming harder to maintain and is considered as an ‘old school’ set-up. Having a managed hybrid cloud set-up combines your private cloud with multiple public clouds in an on-prem data centre.

Restricted data policies?

Having restricted access isn’t a problem either as Hybrid Cloud has a solution for that too. Whether your business has strictly prohibited software code or data security policies or is simply not allowed to share any information with third-party hardware, that’s ok too. As our Hybrid Cloud solution can preserve the functionality of your legacy assets and even supply SaaS support to ensure the fundamental workflow of your company.


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Hybrid cloud really is the best of both worlds, it takes the best bits from Private and Public Cloud and creates a fantastic combined solution. Our Hybrid Cloud solution evolves with your business and securely migrates application services while keeping company data private.

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