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DRaaS Disaster Recovery as a Service

DRaaS Disaster Recovery as a Service is a cloud-based solution that replicates business infrastructure, applications, legacy assets and data for full system recovery. Replicating critical data is a simple way to ensure business continuity with data restored, running as usual even if there was an unexpected disaster.

Data centres that are on-premises or cloud-based are replicated to another secure data centre, private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud managed by our team, removing the need to manage and maintain your own DR site. It also eliminates the need for capacity planning because DRaaS allows for scaling of hardware resources, reducing costs.

Opposite to Backup as a Service (BaaS), the Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) ensures that the restored data is as close to the present time as possible, focussing on a short Recovery Point Objective (RPO). Keeping your business running from a different location, protected from whatever has happened to your data in the original location.

If tragedy strikes, your business needs to be able to carry out disaster recovery and retrieve lost assets and data. You may only invest in a recovery service when you need it, but by then, the damage could already be done.

Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Services

Typical Disaster Recovery Services replicate the application state between two data centres, so a backup site could take over and activate a new replica of the application using the most recently copied data. Nowadays though, if your applications are already running in a virtualised environment, then cloud-based disaster recovery can be a viable alternative.

Disaster Recovery as a Service adds cloud-based failover to backup and disaster recovery services. DRaaS provides a platform that supports your business continuity plan in the event of a disaster, such as a natural disaster, system failure, theft and human error. Catastrophises do happen and although it’s unlikely to happen to your business, is it worth the risk? Your IT systems must continue to operate as usual in any event, failing that could be detrimental to your business.

The Disaster Recovery Services we provide comes with a Disaster Recovery Plan along with professional help from a dedicated DRaaS team that has many years of experience in recover and data protection.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery as a Service

The primary advantage of DRaaS is that you immediately reduce the overall risk of losing any valuable data and ultimately ensure a contingency plan f disaster strikes. Check out the list below to find out more advantages of having Disaster recovery as a service.

  • Storage – Replicate virtual machines from your premises to a cloud-based data centre in the UK. Avoid the need to invest in new hardware regardless of the brand of storage you have deployed.
  • Performance – Continuously replicating assets without using disk snapshots. Which ensures you have the most recent version of your data without the negative impact on your production environment.
  • Cost-Effective – OPEX pricing offers a cost-effective alternative to hardware-based solutions with similar capabilities and you only pay for what you use.
  • Security – Your workloads will be on standby in our highly secure ISO 27001 security certified Data Centres and protected by rigorous network firewalls to ensure your data is safe from intrusion.

Expert Engineers

UK based team of dedicated Cloud engineers who are highly qualified and industry-certified with years of experience delivering virtualisation, infrastructure, storage and network solutions.

Choose DIS for your DRaaS?

We provide continuous replication using a 5-day journal delivers a potential Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of seconds and Recovery Time Object (RTO) of minutes. This enterprise-grade protection provides peace of mind that your applications are protected, leaving you free to run your business.

The OPEX pricing model means you only pay for what you need with no upfront hardware costs and no need for overprovisioning. We charge a standby rate when you are not in failover mode, so you only pay full price when you are utilising the service.

Added benefits to your business

  • Journaling provides continuous replication of your VMs, for recovery at any time
  • Hypervisor level replication, without the need to change your hardware
  • Full integration of VMware vCloud Director
  • Ability to protect and recover a vSphere environment
  • Fully certified by NetApp following best practice
  • Easy replication between data centres and business sites

By leveraging our Node4 enterprise-class infrastructure and Zerto’s industry-leading software, we can offer this extremely powerful DR solution at a fraction of the price of hardware-based solutions performing at a similar level.

Contact DIS to build an enterprise-grade disaster recovery solution using a combination of Cloud and connect services.

24x7x365 Technical Support 

Gold Support provides access to the technical support team 24x7x365. Our UK based team of dedicated Cloud engineers are highly qualified, and industry certified with years of experience delivering virtualisation, infrastructure, storage and network solutions. Meaning you can activate your Disaster Recovery plan at any time of the day or night.

We aim to support your business continuity plan by providing a reliable and effective disaster recovery solution. Our simple and straightforward approach to disaster recovery combines technology and expertise to ensure peace of mind. If we already provide solutions for you, placing your disaster recovery with us will allow consolidation of service, giving you a single point of contact for a range of services and simplifying your processes.

Make your business last with DRaaS

DRaaS Disaster recovery as a service - Disaster recovery services

Why Every Business Needs DRaaS!

Data is an integral component of any business and measures need to be taken to protect it against loss and enable complete, rapid recovery in the event of an incident. Data loss and its knock-on effects on services and systems can be extremely wide-ranging and negative, sometimes causing irreparable damage to a business’s brand and reputation. If a disaster strikes, your business needs to be protected. Our recovery service enables you to replicate production applications to an enterprise-grade cloud platform, safely and securely.

Store Data Securely and Recover Rapidly

The cloud platform that we supply has been designed to offer a resilient and highly available infrastructure, ideal for supporting critical DR requirements. Distributed across three UK data centres and with connectivity to multiple Tier I carriers, your data is securely protected and recoverable when you need it.

Return your Business to Normal

We provide award-winning Zerto technology to enable robust and cost-effective disaster recovery solutions for your business. To mitigate against any loss in data or activity, we can supply a variety of options to suit any budget and requirement, based on RPOs (recovery point objectives) and RTOs (recovery time objectives).

Disaster Recovery for Virtual Machines

Our trusted partners use the award-winning Zerto technology to provide disaster recovery protection for virtual machines. With their support, we can protect your machines on-prem to the cloud, or between Data Centres. In both cases, a standby copy of your virtual machine is ready to start in the event the worst happens. Hypervisor level replication keeps your applications safe and is less complicated than application-level alternatives. The service is storage agnostic removing the need to buy or maintain specific hardware to protect your applications.

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