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BaaS Backup as a Service

Based on enterprise-grade technologies (BaaS) Backup as a Service avoids the cost and hassle of operating your own equipment to store offsite copies of your data. A flexible, resilient and scalable solution that is the ideal solution for companies who want the additional peace of mind of offsite backups without making significant capital investment

Getting Backup as a Service connects your systems to a Private and Public Cloud or Hybrid Cloud Solution, making it easier to manage than other traditional methods. Instead of worrying about rotating tapes or hard disks and securing them at an off-site location, you can trust us to maintain and manage your data storage.

At DIS, we’re able to deliver BaaS (Backup as a Service) with high availability for all your virtual and physical workloads through secure UK cloud-based solutions. No matter what your operational and legal compliance requirements are, we can provide a secure backup service for your data to suit any business needs.

Backup As a Service 

BaaS Backup as a Service also known as Cloud Backup or Online Backup service is to protect business data. The risk of data loss often happens from user error, common sync issues, hackers and many other types of technical disasters. Many businesses have lost their data, simply because they didn’t back up. Often justified with many reasons such as it’s too expensive, they didn’t have time or they didn’t have the right people that knew how to backup critical data.

All reasons are valid, until now…

Having BaaS makes easy it to manage, control and restore your data with just one provider, regardless of where your data is. Your backups will be stored on secure, enterprise-class NetApp storage, keeping your business information safe.

The services we provide support public cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications such as Office 365. We also supply a self-service portal so you can manage your storage and budget with a Pay-as-you-go model, you only pay for what you need.

Protect your critical business data with our secure, high-availability, UK cloud-based solutions. We can secure your data backups between a wide variety of sources and destinations, depending on your operational and legal compliance requirements.

Benefits of Backup

There are many benefits of Backup as a Service, the added value gives you the ability to use the full range of our capabilities to secure data in specialised areas such as Office 365, Salesforce or NetApp replication. If that wasn’t enough, look at 3 more advantages of Backup below.

  • COST: Reduce and control capital costs by using a Pay as You Go model for backup infrastructure that includes software licensing and storage.
  • SECURITY: Get peace of mind knowing that a copy of your business-critical data is held in enterprise-grade Data Centres across the UK accessible when you need it.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Choose the backup services that meet the needs of your business and the compliance framework needed to secure your data.

Consult with a Cloud Expert!

Offering a business unit with independent cloud consultants to ensure that your cloud solutions are to the highest standards while applying a cost-effective approach. Contact DIS to find out more and gain expert knowledge on standard and bespoke cloud backup solutions today!

Backup Setup

Setup of the service is extremely fast and requires very little configuration, allowing you to continue protecting your data without disruption. You restore from your local backup storage in normal circumstances for maximum restore speed. Backups are performed using backup copy jobs meaning that the transmission of data does not delay your backups.

Once we understand your current situation and evaluate your challenges, we’ll come up with a solid solution, tailored to fit your needs. We consider where you store your data and give you secure options on where you should store your copies safely.

It may be that you want to explore continuity solutions for a future-proof plan, or simply meet archival compliance needs. Whatever it is, we can supply a variety of options to help you fully restore your data quickly and easily, for when you need it most.

Backup as a Service Veeam

We’re able to supply Veeam backup for all cloud customers: offering Veeam Cloud Connect to businesses using Veeam on-premises or colocation to enable them to backup straight into the cloud. It doesn’t stop there, we’re also able to provide backup to individual and remote devices with Veeam Cloud Connect combined with the Veeam Agent technology.

Veeam Cloud Connect

Businesses that already use the Veeam Backup and Recovery Software can copy their backups into a UK Data Centre for off-site storage. Veeam Cloud Connect uses a secure internet connection to transport data which means your data can be backed up safely from anywhere. Whether your Veeam platform is on-premises, a data centre or an offsite data provided through us.

Benefits of Veeam Cloud Connect

  • Save time and money: Avoid the need to buy and maintain a backup solution to store your backups. Just pay for the resources you need.
  • Fast and simple: Simply enter three pieces of information into your familiar Veeam software and get started with your backups.
  • Security: Your data is sent securely over the Internet without the need for a VPN or complex firewall rules.
  • Non-disruptive: Add offsite backups to your existing Veeam platform without the need for major reconfiguration or disruption. Continue to benefit from all of the functionality you use in Veeam.

The foundation of the backup service we provide through our trusted partner Node4 is a combination of Veeam Backup technology and NetApp Hybrid cloud services. All the backup solutions we’re able to offer are underpinned with NetApp enterprise-class technology. For service handling, security and technology; the NetApp systems ensure adherence to uniform standards with best practice and audited processes.

Office 365 Backup

A comprehensive Backup solution that secures an independent backup of all office 365 content to an off-site data centre in the UK. We’re partnered with one of the few Cloud Service Providers delivering a fully managed solution that supplements the standard resilience of Office 365 services.

Setup Office 365 Backup

We can provide a solution that takes care of everything whilst keeping your Office 365 environment unchanged, meaning we can secure your data without making any changes. Setup of the service is rapidly requiring only minimal information from the customer.  

Benefits of Office 365 Backup

  • Save time and money: Secure any size Office 365 estate including Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive quickly and easily.
  • Fast and simple: Provide Office 365 tenant credentials and initial storage requirements, no complex configuration.
  • Security: Certainty that your business-critical data and data that might be subject to litigation is under your control and independently stored.
  • Non-disruptive: Nothing changes in the Office 365 tenancy or your administration of it, we manage all backup and restoration events.

The Office 365 Backup solution we’re able to offer includes the setup, configuration, backup job monitoring and fully assisted restoration. Protection starts almost immediately, alleviating concerns of any accidental or malicious data loss.

Did you know we’re also a certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider? As a Microsoft CSP, we offer IT support by managing all Microsoft Office 365 software and license, so you don’t have to. Find out more on our Office 365 Managed Services.

Managed Backup Service

Ensuring that your backup and keep your data secure is critical to your business’ operations. Losing valuable documentation or data can have enormous operational, financial and potentially legal consequences for your business. However, it can be difficult to ensure that everyone keeps their backups up to date and secure, especially in large companies with hundreds of employees.

DIS offer (BaaS) Backup as a Service to save you money, time and worry when it comes to making sure your files are recoverable, secure and safe. Off-site, UK-based secure cloud data storage facility means that we can easily keep them safe.


Backup as a Service

What is (BaaS) Backup as a Service?

BaaS Backup as a Service is where your data is regularly backed up by a service provider through online cloud-based solutions. Data storage administrators can offload the maintenance and management to the provider.


How does Backup as a Service work?

After deciding what you want backup with your provider, all your selected data and new data added will be automatically backup over a secure network connection into a cloud-based data repository.


Why have Backup as a Service?

More than half the companies that lose critical data shut down within 6 months, particularly for ‘Software as a Service’ customers because there’s no complete guarantee on the restore of lost data. Data can be lost very easily by user error, sync issues, hackers and more, but it can also be avoided very easily if you have an online backup solution.

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