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Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing network, power your business’ infrastructure with modern cables or you require a completely new solution, Data Installation & Supplies can work alongside you to design, supply and install a system to meet your requirements.

DIS started with cabling and it truly is our bread and butter. Our experienced team are on hand to work with you to create the perfect solution for your needs. Whether you require high internet speeds, robust cables for rugged conditions or working across long distances, we can help.

Our data engineers have a wealth of experience when it comes to providing infrastructures for small or large businesses. DIS has worked with a range of businesses with many different needs, including challenging conditions or vast power demands. Incorporating high-quality components allows us to deliver a solution that will meet, and even exceed, all of your requirements.

As more and more companies adopt online policies and practices, it’s becoming more important to ensure your company has a reliable, high-quality internet connection. Poor quality cabling can be a leading cause of unstable networks, causing frustrations amongst employees and potentially catastrophic outages. Investing in high-quality data cabling, whether copper or fibre optic, ensures that your premises can reliably access the internet and benefit from stress-free usage.

Like with all of our services, our cabling experts will put you first and work alongside you to make sure that your requirements are always at the forefront of the project.

Types of Cabling

We don’t restrict ourselves to one type of cabling, as we have the cutting-edge knowledge and wealth of experience to confidently deliver finished projects that are built to last and handle almost everything you can throw at them.

Data Cabling

Data cabling installation is the foundation for the majority of our services, and with good reason. DIS has established a glowing reputation within the world of cables thanks to our long history of implementing cabling solutions designed to solve existing problems and eliminate the risk of future ones. As online needs grow for businesses, it’s important that their infrastructure grows alongside them to support their requirements.

We offer both copper and fibre optic cabling for use within your network infrastructure depending on how advanced your system needs to be. We can utilise a variety of copper cabling to accommodate your exact needs, including Cat 5e cables all the way up to Cat 8. Thanks to our teams’ experience and skill, we can make recommendations to ensure you have the most appropriate solution in place for your needs.

Power Cabling

Where would we be without electricity? No internet, no phones and most importantly, no kettle for a brew! Whether you’re setting up a brand-new premise, need an on-site power cable solution or have some premises that need a tune-up, DIS are here to help. Our collaborative attitude to working means that we will sit with you to work out exactly what you need and how best to deliver the project.

We’ve seen it all when it comes to cabling installations, whether that’s extreme temperatures, dangerous conditions or huge power requirements. We’re able to source and utilise the most rugged and heavy-duty components for tough projects. Whatever you need, we’ll assess the situation and be totally honest and supply you with a fair quote. So don’t hesitate to get in touch and have a chat or request a quote.

Cabling Installation

Data Installation & Supplies are conscious of how crucial it is to get your network or power infrastructure in place and working properly as quickly as possible. Our engineers will be able to offer you an accurate timescale of how long it will take to finish your project and work towards that goal to ensure you’re online or powered up for when you need to be. 

We also know how disruptive large-scale work such as data cabling installation or a power infrastructure re-fit can be for any working environment. DIS always endeavour to carry out any on-site work as efficiently as possible, in a time that best suits yourselves, to minimise disruption to your normal operations.

Given the current circumstances within the country, it can feel dangerous to allow workers in to complete a project. We have introduced certain measures for our technicians to take to ensure that they are carrying out work in a sanitary and safe way according to government guidelines and restrictions. The team will work with you to ensure that both you and our staff feel comfortable in the environment.

Why Choose DIS?

Established in 1983, DIS primary offering has always been cabling. We’ve continued to grow and evolve to offer new services by combining the latest technology with our extensive knowledge & experience gained through training and a wide range of challenging projects, all of which we have successfully delivered.

Multiple Services in One Package

We don’t just provide high-spec cabling installations, but we can also provide the equipment to go alongside it, to round out your business infrastructure. When installing network cabling it’s often partnered with some of our Connectivity services, such as Network Infrastructure. Once a network has been secured, our services can then be combined with one of our Cloud solutions or Security-as-a-Service to offer a fully rounded out package. Save yourself the stress and hassle of having to chase multiple companies and allow us to meet your requirements with our offerings under one roof.

Knowledge & Experience

Although we have been running for 35+ years, we are continuing to develop new skills and carry out training to deliver the most up-to-date, future-proofed solutions to our clients. The variety of projects we undertake means that we have often completed a similar job before, allowing us to base our planning on proven success.

Future Proof Technology

In an industry such as ours, we see how quickly technology changes and evolves to keep up with the ever-growing demands of users. All of our projects take this evolution into mind when being designed to ensure that you have a system that grows alongside your business and continues to meet all of your needs. This future-proofed approach, combined with our extensive support options, can ensure your systems last for an excellent amount of time. Just one example of this cutting-edge technology would be the beginning of our Cat 8 Ethernet cable rollout, ideal for data centre cabling installations.

High-Quality Components

Every project we’ve completed has made use of high-quality components, whether that’s top-spec network cabling or cutting-edge CCTV cameras. Designing an efficient system and then installing it using poor quality components is utterly pointless as it would limit the capability of the project and leave you with an unsatisfactory outcome.