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Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning focusses on providing you with the security details of your internal network devices, including switches, routers, firewalls, and servers.

As a business you will be aware that your IT systems play an integral role in your day-to-day activities, therefore you will understand the consequences if the worst was to happen, and hackers were to exploit these systems.

Vulnerability Scanning provides you with the ability to identify the risks, which if you were unaware of these risks (vulnerabilities) they can pose a threat to your business operations.

Vulnerability scanning is a great way to understand the health of and to detect any threats within your network infrastructure.

Through identification, evaluation, reporting and remediation, Vulnerability Scanning will recognise the risks that your internal network devices are exposed to and it will ensure that you learn best practice to ensure that you are always in front of potential hackers, which in turn decreases the risk of exposure of critical business data…

When it comes to Vulnerability Scanning we can provide one-off security testing, or regular analysis. This will provide your business with a tailored solution to meet your specific needs.

If you were to choose the managed option your applications will receive regular scrutiny and consultancy to remediate issues identified.

Not to mention ensuring that appropriate security measures are set up, enabling you to be safe in the knowledge that you can provide evidence that you not only take security seriously, but that you can deliver information to support you in compliance for example GDPR and ISO accreditations.

The risk of data breach has huge implications to your business, both financially (fines and the cost of getting systems back up and running) and just as importantly your business reputation will be affected, leaving customers questioning your security.

Data Installation & Supplies are here to support you with your network analysis and prevention of cyber attack, please get in touch with us on 01274 869 099 or and we will discuss the service in more detail with you and identify how we could specifically target your individual business needs.

Benefits for your Business




Awareness of vulnerabilities


Proof of Compliance


Vulnerability Scanning Vs Penetration Testing

When discussing Vulnerability Scanning with our customers, we’re often asked “which is preferential, penetration testing or vulnerability scanning.”

Now, the two concepts are sometimes confused, when in fact, they are very different security tests.

Vulnerability scanning identifies any weaknesses within your network infrastructure, it’s more of a general scan of your protection to threats, whereas pen tests focus on your internet facing (external) applications, identifying weaknesses and practices which may compromise the security of your systems, with a thorough analysis and an attempt of hacking (ethical hacking) and the intention to exploit weaknesses and then remediate to ensure your security readiness.

Benefits to your Business

In carrying out Vulnerability Scanning it ensures that you take compliance seriously, whilst providing you with the knowledge of your networks and servers in a non-disruptive manner, educating you on any vulnerabilities and potentially saving you from data breaches, financial implications and damaged reputation if your network was to be hacked.

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