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Phishing Campaigns

As a business, are you aware of Phishing Campaigns and how they can assist your business security?

When it comes to your business security, you’re probably confident that you have all angles covered, whether that be through use of physical security such as IP CCTV and cyber security through firewalls, but have you considered the security surrounding your employees?

Are you aware that even after being given guidelines your employees may either not understand or may without realising not be following the security guidelines, this without your knowledge can leave your business extremely vulnerable in the face of cyber criminals?

Would your employees respond to emails stating “You’ve missed a Zoom meeting” or “Your payroll information needs updating” amongst other situation specific subjects.

If so and your employees are opening emails and clicking links or responding to then, then these simple mistakes could leave your business vulnerable and the opportunity for scammers to strike, potentially scamming large amounts of money increases.

This is where our credible Phishing Campaigns come in…

By utilising our service of simulating customised phishing campaigns, it will allow you to send a specific, credible email campaign to assess the receivers level of understanding around emails of a potentially vicious nature.

When it comes to the campaign, it can be sent to your whole company, or specifically, narrowed down to individual departments.  We will work with you to understand the nature of the email that will test your employee’s security readiness, from intriguing subject lines to relevant content and false links.

Following deployment of the phishing campaign you will receive a report, which analyses the behaviour of your employees, allowing you to know who has clicked on links, which then allows you to educate your employees of the dangers of phishing emails and you can then provide any training required, before sending a follow up email at a later date to ensure that your employees attitude to security has improved.

If you have any concerns that your employees could potentially leave your business vulnerable, please get in touch with Data Installation & Supplies on 01274 869 099 or and we will discuss Phishing Campaigns in more detail with you and identify how a structured campaign could specifically target your individual business needs.

Benefits of running a Phishing Campaign


Cost Savings


Increased Security


Savvy Employees

Why should I run Phishing Campaigns?

When it comes to the consideration of running a phishing email campaign the first justification would be because asking yourself the impact on your business if an employee was to interact with a real phishing campaign, complied and deployed by a hacker.  This can be considered from both a cost perspective and from your business reputation if any customer data was to be infiltrated as a result.

Additionally, by deploying a phishing campaign, it allows you to expose your internal employee vulnerabilities, enabling you to act accordingly by providing your employees with the required training to meet your security standards, following which they will be savvier to this type of threat, likewise reducing any future risk.

Customised, credible and company specific phishing campaigns are a great way to test your employees attitude to security.

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