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Penetration Testing

Know your vulnerabilities before you get caught out…

Are you already conducting Penetration Testing, if not, have you asked yourself why not?

Penetration Tests are also known and referred to as ‘Pen Tests’ and are in a nutshell a way for someone to carry out what is effectively ethical hacking, testing your company’s security readiness.

As a business you will want to ensure that your computer systems are as secure as they can possibly be, but there will inevitably be times when vulnerabilities occur, these vulnerabilities will be exposed during a pen test, which challenge your business’ IT security channels, with the goal of providing you with a robust assurance that your systems are as secure and as protected as they possibly can be…

Penetration testing is carried out as a simulated cyberattack on a computer system by an experienced consultant, designed to evaluate the security and of course assess any vulnerabilities which in the wrong hands can be exploited, leaving your company at risk of an attack.

Penetration Testing is best carried out by someone with no knowledge of the systems, which is why we work closely with our partners to carry out the investigation as they have no pre-existing knowledge when it comes to your company specific systems and will be able to act as a malicious threat to your infrastructure. 

During the pen test the security of your internet facing networks will be carried out, this is to evaluate and determine the risk of attack externally and the possibility that a third party could gain access through your firewalls into your systems and whether dynamic port requests are discarded or if they can be infiltrated.

Upon completion of the pen test a full report of findings will be compiled for your business, which will be sent to you prior to a report call where we will discuss all findings and recommendations with you, the recommendations can be implemented by either your IT staff or by Data Installation & Supplies, following the changes your business will benefit from tighter security.

If you would like to request some further information on Penetration Testing, or any of our Security Professional Services please contact Data Installation & Supplies on 01274 869 099 or email and we will discuss your individual requirements with you.

What are the benefits?


Tighter security


Awareness of any vulnerabilities

Detailed view of websites & internet facing applications


How often should my company conduct Penetration Testing?

When it comes to carrying out pen tests, we would recommend a check every 6 months to ensure all systems are secure, however depending on the nature of your business we may recommend a slightly different timeframe, further factors which would require additional testing includes, but not limited to additional sites added to your network or additions to your IT web applications, please give us a call on 01274 869 099 to discuss.

What will my business gain from conducting a Pen Test?

The pen test will be beneficial to your business since it will identify any issues which could potentially pose a security risk in the wrong hands and the findings will be compiled into a report which in turn will enable the appropriate amendments to be carried out.

What issues can be identified from carrying out a Pen Test?

Many issues could be identified during a pen test, but importantly factors surrounding firewall update identifications, policies and changes that need reacting to, which without identification could then see issues arising that you may well not have been aware of.

It’s also important to identify access to and the security of the computer infrastructure as employees come and go, so you are aware of who has access and with what permissions.

Will conducting Penetration Testing be obtrusive & how does the business prepare?

As a business who has instructed a pen test to be carried out there isn’t anything specific that you will need to do to prepare, upon receiving your signed authorisation for the pen test to be carried out the intention of the test is to assess the security measures plus the environment, so company day to day activities should be carried out as normal.

From DIS’ end the pen test will be planned with comprehensive risk planning to ensure that there is no disruption to your daily business activities

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