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Proximity Sensor Technology

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Proximity Sensor Technology


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

It’s uncertain how long the 2-metre social distancing rule will go on for and with people itching to get back to business, it seems they will need to apply a social distancing system to keep workers safe. Thankfully DIS have found a solution; the Proximity Sensor Technology helps enforce the 2-metre social distancing rule by alarming workers when they get too close to each other.

As time goes on, it seems some people forget the importance of personal space and social distancing. However, this is something that workplaces can’t afford to dismiss from the mind. With COVID-19 regulations in workplace environments, it’s better to be safe and apply the Proximity Sensor Technology now, then to be sorry later.

We’re going to explain how the Proximity Sensor Technology works and why this should be within your workplace today and every day.

What is Proximity Sensor Technology (PST) 

Proximity Sensor Technology (PST) also known as Personnel Distancing System (PDS) is designed to trigger an alarm if workers get too close to each other.

Proximity Sensor Technology

Remember the days when everyone carried a pager? Well, it kind of the same thing. Except this technology has been developed to prevent the COVID-19 from spreading by alarming people when they get too close to each other. 

Using the same proximity technology from the SiteZone system (which has been proven across a wide range of industries) – The proximity sensor technology applies the same great features and tailors it to a specific 2-metre range and more.

How does the Proximity Sensor Technology (PST) work?

Each person wears a detection ‘tag’ either on a hard hat, attached to a belt or strapped to the upper arm. 

The Proximity Sensor Technology continuously monitors the distance between each person wearing a tag and alarms the workers when they get too close to another person also wearing a tag. 

When the distance between each person wearing a tag is less than 2 metres, the proximity sensor technology will alert both of them with a warning sound and/or vibration.

Key Benefits

  • Measure the distance between employees accurately
  • Helps enforce 2-metre social distancing rule
  • Sites can open and function while protecting workers health
  • Compatible with existing Proximity Warning installations
  • Proven technology across a wide range of industries

Key Features 

  • Adjustable alarm parameters
  • Sound and vibration warnings
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and easy to wear
  • Hire options also available

Protect your staff by social distancing on-site with this ultra-light and very easy to use technology. Featuring adjustable parameters, where you can set your own distancing rules.  

Contact us to find out how to get the Proximity Sensor Technology at your workplace today!