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Protect your Business with Access Control Technology

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Protect your Business with Access Control Technology


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

Access control technology is a vital part of business, acting as a simple solution to manage personnel and the public via different gateways and doors while protecting your property. It’s also widely used across every industry, present in factories, hospitals, retail stores, transportation and more. Managing access control is about more than just securing your physical business, as GDPR reminds us of the duty to protect data as well. Providing an easy way for visitors and your staff to enter your organisation while maintaining accountability is becoming a necessity. IP access control technology can provide you with a future-proof and dynamic solution.

Why IP Access Control?

The old method of lock and key has serious drawbacks. Not only are they inconvenient and expensive to replace, but security is actually very limited. Keys are difficult to monitor yet easy to replicate and distribute. One disgruntled employee could accordingly cause a tremendous amount of damage with unauthorised access and distribution. Even traditional access control technology has its limits, with door control devices tied to a single administrative system with limited (if any) features beyond a security function. Because they are built as closed systems, they lack flexibility and scalability which businesses need. As a result, closed systems become costly and time consuming, requiring complete replacement when requirements change and as your business expands.

IP based access control technology, however, increases your options. As an IoT system, it is built to be open by nature and connect with multiple other systems and devices on your network. Access control thus becomes about so much more than just access permissions and secure entry – you can create the system you need, with dynamic possibilities and easy scalability.


Key Features of Access Control Technology

Increased Security

By incorporating biometrics, gain an additional level of security with fingerprint authentication which has the added benefit of preventing the unauthorised use of lost or stolen tokens. Intruder alarms provide increased management of alarms over a greater area, with the ability to arm / disarm specific alarms based on location. You can also retain total control of visitors to your site, with pre-registration, quicker sign-in processes, and improved accuracy of visitor data and attendance info.

HR Support

Using timesheet features, your HR department can monitor staff movements and working hours to provide a comprehensive record for employees. You can sync information to manage holidays, carry out payroll, monitor absences and sick days and more.

CCTV Integration

One of the main benefits of networked access control is its ability to link with your existing systems, like CCTV. Seamless integration of your security systems means you only need to manage one software interface, showing you CCTV images alongside door and alarm notifications. Detect cameras and apply them to individual doors, with display video footage designated to display specific types of events, such as someone trying to gain unauthorised access.

Emergency Response

Although it is important to lock out intruders and monitor movement in your organisation, you also need the ability to quickly unlock fire doors in the event of a fire emergency. IP access control systems and PSIM allow you to sync with your fire alarm for optimised safety and compliance with fire regulations with reduced emergency response times. With the addition of roll call and mustering, you can provide dynamic, real-time lists of mustered and unsafe people during an evacuation.

Financial Savings

Not only does IP access control technology provide huge benefits from a technical and operational standpoint, you can also save money. Link in multiple other appliances and systems like lighting, heating and electrical equipment when no one is in the building or area to massively reduce the money spent on energy costs. It’s great for your carbon footprint, too!


Access Control for your Growth

DIS believes in the importance of security for a successful business – that’s why we partner with leading experts and suppliers like Axis Communications, SeeTec and Paxton. From small business packages to large scale holistic installations, we can work with you to design and build a flexible and scalable system that fits your needs.

Ensuring security in your workplace means so much more than protecting against external threats. Instituting internal security is just as important, helping you minimise shrinkage, ensure productivity and maximise sales. We supply cutting edge tools to help you accomplish your goals, from heat mapping to time & attendance access controls. We believe in the potential of access control technology – contact us to arrange a demo or discuss the possible benefits for your organisation.