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Our Thermal Fever Screening Solution

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Our Thermal Fever Screening Solution


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

The world is demanding solutions to the current epidemic regarding COVID-19; at DIS we have one of them. There are many signs of someone potentially having a virus such as COVID-19 and one of them is a high fever. With our Thermal Fever Screening Solution, we can provide instant data on a multiple body temperatures with facial detection, all at the same time.

Advantages of our thermal camera detection solution

To avoid the spreading of any potential virus, it is essential that the monitoring is contactless. As we know, viruses are easily spread; especially COVID-19 and we need to bring any potential contamination to a minimal amount.

The sooner we detect people with a high fever, the sooner we reduce the risk of spreading a virus, especially COVID-19. Our solution can detect people in mass gatherings from a long-range and be alerted to any anomalies instantly.

The dual-system camera also works in a diverse range of environments such as those with extreme darkness and harsh conditions.

Why the use of cameras

Thermal cameras are great for workspaces which can be populated, capturing more people at once. Our Thermal Fever Screening Solution would massively benefit industries that supply the public such as food & beverage manufacturers’, hospitals, airports and train stations.

Temperature monitoring camera system technology

We can provide the most innovative thermal technology in today’s market. Using a sophisticated dual-camera system, our temperature monitoring has few limitations.

Previous technologies have limitations based on other elements such as people covering up their bodies and faces or holding items that give off extra heat.

Our thermal solution can detect body temperature and have facial recognition through people wearing masks, helmets and even knowing the difference when someone is holding a cup of coffee.

Protect your business against COVID-19

Get in contact with us today to make your business a safer environment and to be at the front line of fighting the current epidemic.

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