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Network Audio Solution

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Network Audio Solution


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

Take a sneak peek at one of our latest projects, where we are in the process of commissioning our largest IP Audio installation to date, using Axis Network Audio for a large distribution centre for one of our existing customers recent expansions.


The Problem:

Our customer came to us requiring an innovative solution whereby they could stream radio content with integrated SIP enabled microphones for easy PA announcements. 

It was of upmost importance that the speakers installed suited each individual location.

The Solution:

Data Installation & Supplies are proud to always be at the forefront of the latest technological products and solutions, never more so that with Network Audio.

The solution we provided for our distribution centre customer was a 66 Axis Communications audio install, whereby we used a range of speaker types to suit each location within the warehouse and SIP enabled microphones for easy PA announcements.

In addition to internet streamed radio the end user can simply select the specific content required, for targeted areas, easily via an intuitive web based Graphical User Interface, (GUI).

We are pleased to have been an early adopter of this IP Audio technology, which in effect is an all-in-one product, whereby you can integrate your background music system with your announcements, in addition to the security aspect from Axis, where you are guaranteed high-quality network systems.

When it comes to Network Audio, you will be pleased to know that it’s a scalable solution, allowing your business the flexibility to increase units and updates as required whilst it’s all centrally controlled from a single interface.

When you include The SIP Mic it makes your announcements both easy and smart, (without getting too technical on a Friday afternoon) it means everything is controlled within the single console, with configurable buttons and the ability to conduct both live and pre-recorded announcements.

Data Installation & Supplies can provide you with a full Network Audio solution, where we can provide and install a bespoke solution to meet the needs of your business. 

If you think that you could benefit from IP Audio, or you would like some further information, please contact us today or 01274 869 099 and understand how our team can assist you.