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Simplify your internal door access control with Paxlock


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

Net2 PaxLock is a battery-powered Net2 door access control unit in a slimline door handle. Net2 PaxLock comes ready to fit a standard Euro profile lock case. It also uses low power and secure wireless technology of Net2Air to communicate with the Net2 server PC. Net2 PaxLock is designed for use with the Net2Air USB bridge or the Net2Air Ethernet bridge, so it has the advantages of a wireless networked door access control system. Net2 PaxLock is simple to use and fast to fit because it is not wired into a mains power source, making it ideal for internal doors.

Key Features of Net2 PaxLock Door Access:

  • Simple to use Net2 software and reliable Net2Air technology
    Online wireless Net2 system – events reported back to Net2 software in real time
    Long battery life and battery management system – keeps maintenance to a minimum
    Interchangeable handle and Euro lock case compatibility – a flexible solution whatever the requirements
    Robust mechanical design
    Additional features including optional key override, Mifare or Net2 proximity compatible versions
    Changes at the PC are additionally communicated and stored at the Net2 PaxLock. When a user presents their token to the reader, the Net2 PaxLock identifies them and permits or denies access as appropriate.