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Increase Collaboration with Cloud-Based Solutions

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Increase Collaboration with Cloud-Based Solutions


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

Connecting employees, teams and locations across vast geographical divides with each other is an important challenge for businesses. Increased connectivity means employees can get more done, quicker. Embracing a shift to the Cloud can help you gain a competitive advantage through increased collaboration, while remaining scalable and flexible enough to migrate on your own terms.

Why is improving collaboration important?

Accelerate Growth & Engagement

Collaboration means wider access to geographically dispersed groups or employees, enabling enhanced communication and monitoring. As businesses expand, ensuring uniform methodology and adherence to company guidelines can become difficult. Collaboration ensures that your business can grow faster with increased support and consistent branding across locations. This translates as improved knowledge, good practice and the ability to replicate success.


Improve Customer Interaction

Collaboration makes it easier for employees and customers to interact at any time, from anywhere, while sharing and exchanging information instantaneously. Flexible and successful businesses provide a variety of collaboration tools and services so their customers can engage with them when they need to, in the manner they choose. Ease of interaction can result in faster problem resolution, greater customer loyalty, improved information and more efficient contact or support centres.

Reduce Costs

Cloud-based technologies such as Unified Communications (UC) can consolidate all communication, including telephony, video conferencing and more, into one seamlessly integrated offering. Businesses no longer need to pay for and support individual tools, products, or equipment. Cloud-based solutions can also reduce travel costs by eliminating the need to be face-to-face, reducing real estate costs by allowing highly secure access to files from anywhere. Not to mention, resiliency without redundancy of equipment and reduced overall energy bills due to elimination of under-utilised hardware.

How can DIS help improve collaboration?


DIS can provide carrier grade SIP trunks – ideal for companies looking to move from legacy ISDN to a cheaper, simplified solution that can be customised to suit their needs. SIPLink is also well suited to businesses that have already switched to SIP but found their current provider unable to scale. SIPLink can be installed quickly and easily, starting with as little as a single trunk, often with just a software upgrade to your existing PBX. It can also be easily scaled up and down to meet the needs of businesses from single office to multi-site, as well as those of call-intensive customer contact centres.


Unified Communications

We offer a Unified Communications (UC) portfolio that empowers companies of any size to unlock the benefits of enterprise-class collaboration while eliminating CAPEX and reducing OPEX. These secure, flexible, managed, “as-a-service” cloud-based UC offerings seamlessly integrate with carrier grade SIP trunk platforms, delivered across a national MPLS network and enterprise-class UK Data Centres. This ensures that customers and partners receive carrier-grade connectivity, industry-leading performance, disaster recovery and advanced data security tools as standard.

Meeting & Conferencing

DIS can provide multiple solutions, such as video conferencing platforms and ClickShare, to improve collaboration and productivity in your meetings and conferences. Businesses can collaborate more effectively, accelerate decisions with seamless integration and content sharing, improve engagement through video conferencing and maintain convenience with fewer cables and minimised technology failures. A better experience in the boardroom means a better chance of closing those all-important deals and business decisions.

Support Contracts

Finally, DIS can help address potential issues before they have a chance to become costly inhibitors to your business. We offer bespoke support contracts including 24 hour remote and on-site assistance from our expert team, with over 35 years’ experience in the industry. We can handle installation, maintenance, and support to ensure seamless collaboration, leaving you more time to focus on your business.

If you would like to discuss options to increase collaboration in your workplace, or are looking to improve your current infrastructure, give our team a call at 01274 869099 or click here to send an enquiry.