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Halloween Safety Tips for Your Home & Business

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Halloween Safety Tips for Your Home & Business


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

Halloween and Bonfire Night are two of the most frightfully fun nights of the year, loved by adults and children alike. But with darker nights on the horizon, these holidays are also loved by burglars and vandals! A study of claims data from the last 10 years from insurer Aviva suggests that damage to homes rises 160% and motor theft increases by 28% on Halloween alone.

Are your home and/or business security systems ready? Have a read of our sweetest tips and ghastly facts to make sure you’re prepared this Halloween season.

Lock Up

If you’re home for Halloween and looking forward to dishing out the sweets to costumed trick-or-treaters, make sure you set a cut-off time so as not to answer the door too late at night. If you do pop out in the meantime, shut all your windows and don’t forget to lock your doors! Recent surveys show that up to 1.9 million Brits leave the front or back door unlocked when out. All the noise and commotion of Halloween or fireworks on Bonfire Night provide the perfect cover for burglars, so don’t forget the basics. In addition to securing the premises, businesses need to double check who holds keys or access tokens.

Be Aware

Keep the exterior of your home well lit to minimise hiding places and discourage vandals. Don’t let scary masks distract you, either. Screen visitors to your door by using your spy-hole and asking who they are. If you don’t recognise someone or something feels amiss, don’t open the door! Watch for unusual behaviour too, as criminals tend to lurk around an area before committing a crime. Businesses also need to keep their perimeter well lit – consider leaving lights on overnight or installing motion sensor floodlights.

Eliminate Risks

Even if you’re in the house, make sure to securely lock the garage and sheds (including windows and doors). If you do have a garage, consider parking your car inside for the evening and bringing in any loose garden ornaments of value. Businesses in the Warehousing and Logistics sectors should also ensure materials that could be used for bonfires are hidden away or locked up. Double check motion sensor lighting and CCTV camera angles to make sure your garden is aptly covered. Always remember – keeping your area well-lit, locked and secured with no visible targets is the easiest way to deter most Halloween vandals.

Smarten Up

Did you know that 25% of Brits admit to having no home security at all? Don’t think lights or burglar alarms are enough to keep your property safe, either. Studies show that 3 out of 4 Brits actually ignore burglar alarms. Revisit your security plan as your methods may not be as effective as newer systems. In fact, a study by Co-Op Insurance found that 11 of 12 ex-convicts said they would be put off targeting a smart, connected home. There are so many cost-effective smart solutions for homes and businesses, including IP CCTV, access control, and analytics. You can implement live mobile alerts, off-site monitoring and more to ensure that you have the evidence you need in the unfortunate event of a security breach.

Failing to secure your home or property can have nightmarish results. If you need to improve systems for your home or business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.