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Frictionless / Contactless access control with no physical contact

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Frictionless / Contactless access control with no physical contact


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

Businesses today are looking at ways to protect their employees against spreading viruses such as COVID-19. Creating minimal human contact is essential, from people and surfaces. Using frictionless or contactless access control technologies will not only protect you from spreading unwanted viruses but also help track workers time and attendance with ease. 

Woman Using Contactless Access Control on Smartphone

Benefits of Frictionless / Contactless access control?

  1. Hygienic and clean – Don’t have to touch anything to gain access
  2. No Physical Contact – Don’t’ have to interact with anyone to gain access
  3. Saves Time – Grant access with mobile or facial recognition
  4. Safety – Doesn’t allow anyone in without pre-authorised access
  5. Track Time and Attendance – A record of individuals time and attendance
  6. Security – Data protection

What is ‘Frictionless’ access control?

Frictionless access control is a technology that is used when people enter a building or space using a smartphone or facial recognition to gain access. 

Having a frictionless system is becoming very popular in work environments as it helps minimise the risk of spreading infection and maximises hygiene levels adhering to COVID-19 regulations.

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How does Frictionless Access Control work?

Eliminating the use of cards or badges, frictionless technology can use a facial recognition camera or an individual’s smartphone to gain authorised access. 

Facial Recognition

This non-contact technology uses real-time 3D facial mapping providing a highly accurate and super-fast solution to identify workers and they enter and exit your office, building or space. 

No card, badge or smartphone required, it simply recognises your face by using real-time 3D facial mapping and confirms there is a real person that matches the facial image. 

Unfortunately for identity thieves, they can’t use a mask, image or video of someone else to gain access. Solidifying the safety and security of your premises.

3D Facial recognition

For employees, they can enrol their face into the face matching system which enables the frictionless system to recognise the user and allows them future access. Once their face is enrolled, all they have to do is walk up to a door which they are authorised to enter, and the door will automatically open for them. 

For guests, similar to employees, they can enrol their face into the face matching system for a temporary authorised period. 

Enquire about our Facial recognition frictionless technology.

A Smartphone Using Face Id Recognition System

Smartphone Technology

Gone are the days of rummaging through your bag or searching your car only to realise you’ve left your access card at home or worse lost it and have to trouble someone for a new one.

Insert Key Card In Electronic Lock

Smartphones are replacing the need for cards or badges, by using the actual smartphone as the transmitter. Using Bluetooth and RFID (Radio-frequency identification) with your smartphone means you are automatically granted access which saves you having to interact with anything or anyone, giving you’re a pleasant frictionless experience.

For employees, they are simply entered into the system, so that when they come to work they are automatically granted access because the reader recognises their mobile and uses their geotag on their location to confirm. 

For guests, they can use a unique QR code or other identifiers to let their contact person know they have arrived. Resulting in less friction and unnecessary interaction for both people coming and people being met. 

Get a frictionless entry experience with your smartphone today!

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What is ‘Contactless’ access control?

Contactless access control is a technology used for people to enter a building or space using a card. 

Very popular in work environments, the contactless technology helps staff and guests gain access by using a simple card.

How does Contactless access control work?

Inside an entry, the card contains an RFID (Radio-frequency identification) which communicates with a compatible card reader. 

Due to the radio technology within the card, the user does not need to touch a card reader for it to transmit the data and grant access. A user only needs to be within touching distance to gain access. Unlike traditional contact cards, the data can transmit from the card to the reader without physical contact between them both, resulting in ‘contactless’ access.

The downside to having a card is if someone forgets their card, loses it and has to replace it. That’s why more people are looking to ‘Frictionless’ technology by using your smartphone or facial recognition to gain access.

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