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DIS has worked on a wide variety of warehouse and automation projects, installing highly effective systems to aid “just in time” logistics and automation processes. We have worked closely with many of the UK’s main online retailers in order to improve how their warehouses operate by providing relevant data that can be easily accessed and utilised.

Some of the services we offer include network infrastructure, IPCCTV, and access control to ensure that your company and premises meet health & safety regulations and existing insurance requirements. We can also carry out bespoke installation for Business Video Intelligence systems, including network camera systems interfacing in Warehouse Management System Data and PLC automation/conveyor systems. Depending on your requirements, BVI can collect recordings, analyse the data and then present the results in a user-friendly manner, allowing you to act on the data to improve operating efficiency.

Ensuring health and safety regulations are met in a food production site is top priority. DIS has over 30 years of experience in the industry, meaning that our design and engineering teams have extensive experience of working in these challenging environments to establish regulation compliance.

We will work alongside you to make sure that the work is carried out with minimal disruption to your business, whilst also utilising our knowledge to make recommendations to improve the efficiency of your production line’s operation.

We have a lot of experience of working with the education sector to provide a full-service solution to any needs that you may have. DIS can provide a number of systems designed to support and safeguard students and staff, including IPCCTV, physical security measures and easily manageable wireless networks.

Our systems are easily scalable, meaning that if your establishment grows over time, or requires additional components, we can easily work to accomplish this. We will liaise with your own technical staff to ensure that they are fully informed of the work we carry out to minimise any confusion and improve efficiency.

Whether your organisation focuses on heavier industry, such as steel fabrication, or ultra-precise manufacturing, DIS will have likely worked with a similar industry in the past. Projects with manufacturing services can range from installing a high-speed network to creating an efficient, reliable security system for your premises.

The work that we do is always carried out with cost-effectiveness and future-proofing in mind to ensure that your network or system can scale alongside your growth. Our experiences working in this sector mean that our fully qualified engineers can design and install a solution to meet your requirements, whilst keeping all of your health and safety and insurance requirements in mind.

We’re incredibly proud of the projects that we have previously carried out. DIS has solved an array of issues in a wide variety of sectors, with some of these installations transforming the digital landscape of the UK.

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