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Debunking the Myths of IP CCTV

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Debunking the Myths of IP CCTV


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

The world is making technological advancements quicker than ever. Where we previously just used to have real world fears, we have now moved to a time when we worry about our data and privacy as well. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) has always been a factor when it comes to the privacy of the public ever since George Orwell’s ‘1984’. People are quick to pull out the pitchforks when they hear of CCTV coming to the area but is it that much of a big deal? People question whether it works as a prevention tool and some question if the cameras are switched on at all. There are a lot of rumours about CCTV that have turned people against the service so we wanted to examine some of the biggest CCTV fairytales.

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Does IP CCTV Actually Reduce Crime?

We have all seen horrible harrowing CCTV footage on the news of local crimes. These are awful things and the reaction from many is to question the effectiveness of the CCTV. How can the cameras be working if crime is still happening?

Whilst it is easy to be skeptical about the technology and how there is no way to prove the effectiveness of CCTV, people must consider that the cameras work also as a deterrent. Even though they can capture footage of many crimes, it’s impossible to judge how many crimes have not happened because of the presence of CCTV.

Does CCTV Just Encourage Crime?

The idea of IP CCTV footage makes peoples think it’ll be full of anti social behaviour with rowdy wrong-doers. A lot of people think that CCTV makes the small time criminals act up for an audience. Many studies have been taken to examine this claim.

Major companies such as Co-op Home Insurance surveyed 12 ex-convicts and it was found that CCTV cameras were the biggest deterrent for both home and car thieves. Previous studies in 2013 by The College of Police also found that having CCTV actually helped prevent 16/100 crimes. The data is out there to show the effectiveness of CCTV.

Are Most CCTV Cameras Fake?

This is something you may have heard that sounds like the biggest “tin foil hat” conspiracy, but this is a common belief. Despite there being more operating cameras than ever, a common theory is that they are just for show. Large investments made into CCTV systems by local governments and businesses can assure anyone that this is false.

Website rs-online will ease anyone who is suspicious of the credibility of their local CCTV operations. They have the amount of functioning CCTV cameras in the UK’s towns, cities and even the boroughs of London. Informing people of what parts of the country are the most monitored.

Between 2012 and 2016 nearly £300 million was spent on the installation, monitoring and maintenance of closed-circuit television cameras around the United Kingdom. With over £180,000 a day spent over four years, it’s safe to say that the country is well monitored with functioning CCTV.

CCTV has proved itself to be a consistent deterrent in the fight against crime. Rumours against the effects of CCTV are constantly debunked by rational facts and statistics. Prevention is often better than a cure and CCTV absolutely fits the role of a prevention. Having a record of any crime that does take place will assist tracking down offenders and create solid evidence for any legal action you wish to pursue. Huge investments and advancements are made in the field of closed-circuit television and are getting more advanced by the year. A tried and tested formula in crime prevention, anyone looking to ease their mind about local security or crime rates will be at ease at the success of a simple CCTV installation.