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Common Myths about SD-WAN

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Common Myths about SD-WAN


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

When it comes to any new networking and improvements to your digital transformation journey there’s always going to be the myths and misconceptions that accompany the technology, so read on and let us bust some on the common myths about SD-WAN… 

As an IT professional you are probably fully aware that SD-WAN is the buzzword of the moment and as your Managed Service Provider we appreciate that you want to be fully aware that as any new networking solution it does have lots of noise surrounding it.

So, read on and allow us to put into perspective the myths and misconceptions that you may be worrying about, or that may be causing your organisation a barrier to investigating further as SD-WAN is possibly the way forward for your business.

The first myth that we will discuss is surrounding cost and the misconception that through adopting SD-WAN your costs will be drastically reduced. 

We would love to tell you that this is the truth, however if we did, we wouldn’t be being honest with you, however on a more positive note in terms of cost there are some aspects where SD-WAN can save your business money.

This is more focussed around the automation capabilities, and the embracing of such, because the platforms can drive efficiencies as opposed to networks which are built on poor connectivity, so we wouldn’t advise you choosing to adopt SD-WAN purely on a cost saving basis, it needs to be because of its capabilities as opposed to cost reduction.

Secondly, something we hear a lot from our customers prior to giving them an in-depth knowledge of SD-WAN is that they believe SD-WAN is a replacement for MPLS, which it isn’t. 


The way that we describe this in simplicity is that we see SD-WAN as a supplement to MPLS, in the way that it allows you to have more control over both the security and your applications.  When you adopt an effective SD-WAN solution, it will use your MPLS as the secure foundations to get your multiple sites connected.

Then, SD-WAN applications will be deployed at each of the individual site locations, which will enhance your security and applications, which is why for us SD-WAN and MPLS can work hand in hand and complement each other.

This bring us onto our final myth in this section, being the misconception that SD-WAN isn’t secure. 


The answer of which is that it completely depends on the SD-WAN solution of your choice, at DIS the SD-WAN solution available is a ‘Secure SD-WAN’ with a multitude of critical security features to ensure that there is no compromise in security levels.

Ok, so we hope to have busted some of the myths you may have going round in your head, but we appreciate completely that you will have lots more questions and will want further information surrounding SD-WAN, which is where Data Installation & Supplies are here to help, we welcome any questions from you and would love to have a no obligation conversation to discuss SD-WAN and the benefits, the barriers and anything else to assist your business in its networking and digital transformation, so please contact a member of our team or 01274 869 099.