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UPS Backup Time at Flexitallic Ltd

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Traditional Data Storage

Having a traditional UPS system on-premises, Flexitallic’s UPS Backup Time had the download capacity of around 30 minutes to accommodate around 50 servers. After many problems such as the power going off, failing main core business applications and facing a complete shutdown they eventually discovered a firmware bug on the storage discs.

Trying to recover and go to the backups, they unfortunately discovered their clean data was also compromised from the initial problem, which meant they had to go back by 1 month. “The business lost a lot of money and time because of the downtime with the traditional UPS” -Richard Shaw (System Administrator at Flexitallic Ltd). They quickly realised they needed more power and more uptime.

UPS Installation

Flexitallic previously had 2 x UPS on-site, with only 30 minutes downtown and no bypass. So, if they ever had a problem with their UPS or wanted to do some maintenance, they couldn’t bypass the electrics to keep the equipment running, meaning all their equipment had to be shut down. “It didn’t happen very often, but when it did happen, it was a pain” Richard Shaw (System Administrator at Flexitallic Ltd)

After DIS completed a full site survey with Power Control, the best outcome for Flexitallic was to install 2 x CERTA C500 10KVA, with 2-hour autonomy and bypass. The C500 can be installed with internal batteries as standard. This removes the need for external battery cabinets on standard run times, enabling them to maximise valuable floor space. “The actual layout of the work and the way it was planned was fantastic” -Richard Shaw (System Administrator at Flexitallic Ltd)

C500 UPS Tower System

The electrical work that DIS did for the UPS installation was very tidy and the process was very professional and top quality. The actual layout of the work and the way it was planned was fantastic.”

Online Double Conversion UPS

As Flextitallic have 2 x UPS, they take comfort in double protection. If they ever had to take 1 out, they still have the protection in the other. Even in the event of a power failure they still have about an hour or so on a single UPS, it’s great insurance.

“It’s a comfort factor knowing that I’ve got Bypass with our equipment protected and dual supplies give me peace of mind. It’s a big tick from me.” -Richard Shaw (System Administrator at Flexitallic Ltd). Flexitallic now has an uninterrupted power supply with online double conversion towers.

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UPS System

The C500 tower series is ideal for IT environments and industry applications where floor space is limited. The C500 comes complete with internal batteries, thus minimising footprint by eliminating the need for external battery cabinets on standard run times.

Using online double conversion, it also offers the highest level of protection with a 0.9 output power factor. With up to 25% more usable power the C500 provides a competitive edge against other manufacturers. Great for small data centre, server rooms, networking, telecoms and IT facilities.

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DIS Installation engineer and IT manager at Flexitallic

C500 UPS System Features

  • Internal manual bypass
  • Small footprint
  • Online double conversion topology
  • Intelligent monitoring software
  • Server shut down in the event of a mains fail
  • Wide input voltage window
  • High efficiency up to 98%
  • Selectable output voltage
  • Plug ‘n’ play parallel kits
  • Frequency converter feature
  • EPO connection
  • Intelligent communications slot
  • Future expansion or redundancy

Increase UPS Backup Time with DIS

ether you are running on old infrastructure, or simply want some advice on your current UPS system – Contact DIS to find out more today. With over 35 years of industry experience, specialising in cabling and installation we’re sure we can find the best network solution for you.