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Office 365 CSP

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Manage Office 365 Licenses

One of the biggest issues with Microsoft Office 365 licensing was having to pay for licenses annually. With CWF housing around 225 employees in Huddersfield alone, they regularly have a busy staff schedule, including new starters and people switching departments. Some staff were often given an Office 365 license just 2 months before the end of the contract, which meant they still had to pay the yearly fee even though they only used the software for a couple of months. “Even if we added on some staff for the last 2 months of the contract, we still had to pay for a full year.” At the end of the year, CWF got hit with a big bill including the price it cost to add staff with minimal usage.

Certified Microsoft Office 365 CSP

CWF decided to use DIS as an Office 365 CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) to switch from annual payments to a monthly subscription. This meant that CWF could easily add or remove licences freely, without the annual fee If we need to add a license or remove a license, we don’t need to pay for a full year, we can just pay monthly”. DIS is a certified Microsoft Office 365 CSP, ensuring continuous support for CWF while maintaining their Office 365 environment so they don’t have to. With DIS backing their corner, CWF can focus on other areas of their business and not have to worry about Office 365 updates, maintenance or licenses again. “If we have any problems, DIS deal with it”.

“Having monthly Office 365 payments is great because we only pay for what we use.”

Microsoft CSP Benefits

  • Only pay for what you use with monthly pricing per user.
  • Cut out any middlemen with reliable IT Tech support from DIS.
  • Collaborate by working on office documents.
  • Help with Office 365 Migration so no data is lost.
  • Increase productivity by saving IT staff time and effort.

CSP Customer CWF

When it comes to leading wine and alcohol, CWF pretty much do it all! They are a wholesaler, producer, bottler, supplier and distributor. With a focus on quality, innovation and service from their manufacturing and wine facility they offer an extensive range of tasty goods! From Still and sparkling wines, fortified wines and speciality mixers, they even have a dedicated NPD team for bespoke product solutions. To prove their brilliance, they achieve fantastic results from major audit approvals from the likes of Tesco, Asda and more!

CWF strives to maintain the highest level of standard through all aspect of its business, including the technology used to keep their business running. Ensuring all Office 365 users have unlimited access and up to date licenses is important for staff to work seamlessly. Thanks to DIS, they don’t have to worry about updates or license maintenance that comes with O365.

CSP Customer Relationship

CWF Initially sought out DIS to add new lines to help connect their separate networks at different depots. As a result, DIS deployed an MPLS solution to combine all areas of CWF by putting them all on the same network so they could work collectively and efficiency across all sites.

After a successful installation, DIS gained further jobs for CWF, installing new servers, setting up unified device management on mobile and desktop, providing centralised dashboards and so on. Fast forward 16 years later and we are still working with CWF! Which is a testament in itself as we pride ourselves in excellent customer service!

“The knowledge of IT Assistance is really good, they are always very friendly and very helpful. Often helping me with other things that are not even related.” We go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy, often doing more than expected.

Go monthly with your O365

Going monthly has saved CWF so much hassle, time and money. It could benefit your business too, contact DIS to find out more today.