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Cabinet Upgrade:

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Cabinet Upgrade:


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

Recently, one of our engineers attended a site to provide our customer with a cabinet upgrade.

The Problem:

Our customer was struggling with their existing set up, having their kit distributed across two cabinets, which made elements such as connecting together difficult.

Our customer also required an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) essentially a large battery that provides emergency power as a back-up solution in the event that the input power source or the mains power fails.

The Solution:

As you can see from the before image there was a lot of unorganised wires and general untidiness across the two cabinets.

Our engineer utilised his extensive knowledge, with his first task being to document and identify where all the connections go, so that he could proceed with the cabinet upgrade efficiently.

Following the documentation, all elements were removed and reinserted correctly, including the installation of the UPS, furthermore, reconnecting everything as per the document, in an organised, safe manner.

The final phase was to test everything, when our engineer was satisfied that all elements were working correctly the on-site project was complete.

Following the installation of the UPS this now leaves our customer safe in the knowledge that they will have a temporary source of uninterruptable power should the need arise, which provides a time allowance for a controlled shut down of the equipment which will ensure protection should a mains power cut happen.


As you can see from the final photograph an area of space remains so that additional UPS can be installed at a later date for further back up.

If you think you could benefit from a cabinet upgrade or any of our our connectivity services contact us today or 01274 869 099 and see how we can assist you.