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Cabinet Tidy

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Cabinet Tidy


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd


A customer approached us as they were unhappy with the current condition of their cabinet, it was looking extremely messy, causing increasing difficulty for them when tracing cables.


Our engineers initially carried out a site audit to establish which devices and connections hadn’t been used in some time. 

Traditionally this audit would be done roughly 3 weeks prior to the cabinet tidy commencing, however on this occasion due to the current climate with many of the organisation’s employees still working remotely, several legacy elements remain.

Our engineers removed roughly 30 unused cables, before beginning documentation of all other cables. 

Following identification of where each cable went, (from the switch to the panel), these

cables were subsequently removed, prior to rearranging the switches to support a more logical order within the cabinet, before our engineers patched them back in, resulting in a more organised and better line up.

The patch leads were replaced with leads of the correct length, which are colour coded for the end user, making it easy to identify what each lead means, for example yellow and orange cables for the servers, pink for all network equipment and blue for all data.

The final part was to ensure all aspects were tested, guaranteeing that everything was working correctly prior to the job being complete. 

When both our engineers and the customer were satisfied the job was complete, with the end-result being a house-keeping exercise providing the customer with a neater cabinet, with easier traceability for any occasions where a fault occurs.

This Cabinet Tidy was completed with all services fully running throughout for the customer, meaning there was no disruption to business, including all their remote sites, internet, email and servers.

If you would like to discuss a cabinet tidy, please contact Data Installation & Supplies on 01274 869 099 or info