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Business Grade Internet Connection

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Business Grade Internet Connection


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

Direct internet access is a popular choice for those wanting a business-grade internet connection, an ideal solution for a fast connection exclusive to your business.

Every business has different needs when accessing the internet; some want the cheapest deal, some want the fastest connection and some just want ongoing support. The best thing about Direct Internet Access Is that you can have it all. 

Keep reading if you want to know more about Direct Internet Access, the benefits around business-grade internet connection and why every business should have one today. 

DIS supply direct internet access with a dedicated business grade internet connection along with supporting and monitoring services.

Direct Internet Access

Direct internet access or dedicated internet access (DIA) is a private connection that is not shared with the public. With a dedicated internet connection, you’ll always get the bandwidth you are paying for. 

Opposite to a ‘shared’ connection, where the maximum bandwidth is divided between other users. Sharing bandwidth can result in fluctuating internet speeds due to various other people using the same connection. DIA provides high speed and reliable internet access, from a direct connection that is dedicated to your business.

If you’re looking for internet access which is exclusive to your business, then direct internet access is for you!

At DIS, we can provide your business with a private connection, so you won’t have to share with anyone else.

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Business-Grade Internet Connection

DIA is a popular choice for those wanting business-grade internet connection, featuring super-fast upload and download speed thanks to the uncontended and symmetrical bandwidth. 

The better your internet is, the more you and others can do online; Which is especially important right now with people working remotely. For businesses that are thriving during this time will have a business-grade internet connection. They won’t be cutting the costs on something as important as the internet, the foundation of most businesses right now. 

Businesses that are adapting to cloud-based applications will soon realise that having a fast, reliable connection is critical to getting work done. Direct internet access can dramatically change the amount of work that gets done and fundamentally the amount of money that can be made. 

Having a business-grade internet connection is far more superior to the types of services you get at home. With incredibly fast upload and download speed, higher security levels and much lower downtime, anything less just won’t cut it.

These days businesses cannot afford to be offline. As a result, being ‘online’ is critical.  

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Benefits of Internet Business

Easy to Install 

After an initial audit, engineers will come to your site and get you up and running in no time at all. We supply you with Direct Internet Access, so your business connection is fast, reliable and secure.

Quick and Convenient

With a wireless DIA connection, data is carried via an aerial signal which is cheaper and easier to fit. It doesn’t matter how far you are from a fibre access point; no roads have to be dug up, which make it overall less disruptive and more convenient.

Response Service

Our professional support service is available anytime and any day, offering a 24/7/365 response system if you ever have a problem. Our friendly and flexible options mean we can tailor your exact requirements leaving your free to focus on other areas of the business.

Symmetrical Bandwidth 

With DIA you can take comfort in knowing that your upload speed matches your download speed with a service level agreement. You are guaranteed the maximum bandwidth, which means you can sit back, relax and enjoy the optimum internet experience.

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Business Internet

Since remote working is becoming increasingly common across an array of industries, being ‘online’ is critical. Having a reliable and fast business internet is particularly useful to those using a lot of hosted storage and cloud-based applications, with multiple users doing multiple tasks online.

Professionals need the ability to communicate internally and externally, no matter where they are. A good business internet connection needs to work for those working in the office and those working from home. 

These days businesses need to accommodate for online tools where people can attach files to emails, attend conference calls, host Zoom meetings and upload/ download shared files. All of which require an internet connection.  

Business Broadband

What sets a standard internet connection apart from a business internet connection is time and speed. Time is money, and if all these online tools take too long to upload or download, it’s inevitably going to cost more money for slow and unreliable connection. If you want super-fast business internet with a private connection, then you need direct internet access, which we can supply with business-grade standards.

The best thing about having DIA for your business internet is the variety of bandwidth and speed packages that are available. Here at DIS, we can supply a tailored solution to meet the specific needs of your business. Big or small, there is something for everyone.

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Direct Access Setup

The direct access set-up is really quick and can be done in multiple ways. These are often narrowed down to two main options: either via a cable laid under the ground, or the quickest way is wireless.

An example of a direct access setup would look something similar to this: If your business purchased a 150mbps direct internet access, both your upload and download speed will always be 150mbps because you’re not sharing the line with anyone else. 

Shared Internet Upload Speeds

Compared to shared internet setups, they commonly have a fast download speed but a much slower upload speed. So 150mbps might be the download speed, but you could only get 10mbps upload speed. People may think they have the same 150mbps as a DIA connection most of the time, but more often than not, they will have much less because they are sharing it with other users. 

No matter which option you go for, rest assured that with DIS we only use Tier One providers, ensuring the fastest route for your traffic.

To get a direct access setup, contact us to find out more.

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Business Internet Providers

There are many business internet providers out there, but not all of them only peer with tier 1 providers, which ensure the fastest route for your traffic!

Not only can we provide the fastest speeds available for your business, but we can also automatically re-route your traffic around major provider outages so there’s no break in the business. 

Making sure your business is ‘always on’.

Business Class Internet Providers

We can provide everything you need for Direct Internet Access with a Business Grade Internet connection to ensure you get the fastest speed possible and more.

Benefits of choosing DIS for your business broadband

  • Internet connections with speeds over 330Mbps with assured rates to guarantee your minimum bandwidth.
  • Tier-1 transit providers to ensure that Internet connectivity is maximised for speed and your traffic gets to its destination via the shortest possible route.
  • Among the 8% with a RIPE 4star IPv6 rating who can dual-stack your equipment to avoid rising costs of IPv4
  • 24/7 dedicated UK friendly support and monitoring services
  • Keeping you ‘always on’ from geographically diverse interconnects
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Dedicated Internet Access

No matter what size your business is, we can provide a range of scalable solutions tailored to your exact needs. Whether its cost-effective connectivity or uncontended direct internet access, we can help keep your business ‘always on’.

Let’s get this ball rolling! Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.