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An Introduction To VideoMatics – Vehicle CCTV

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An Introduction To VideoMatics – Vehicle CCTV


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

The development of technology has greatly benefited many areas of society, whether driving on the road, owning a business with multiple premises or keeping track of employees. Today, we’re going to focus on the emergence of vehicle CCTV and how this technology can help safety on the road for vehicle fleets. Since the first introduction of car CCTV installation, the quality of the cameras and software has drastically changed for the better with VideoMatics providing a single point for reporting, accessing and analysing data on-board.

So, what is this piece of technology? Well, it pulls together different features to provide an advantageous reporting platform for vehicles.

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What Is VideoMatics For Vehicle CCTV?

There are definitive features which pulls everything together with the software,  including:

  • HD digital video
  • Telematics
  • CAN-bus
  • Driver behaviour
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Vehicle and equipment status

VideoMatics can be accessed directly or through WebFleet which is a telematics product. Throughout the day data updates, so there’s always information provided on a number of factors. The reporting software covers connectivity, vehicle statuses, tables for comparison and technical functionalities of vehicles. Additionally, there is video playback and live streaming available, which ultimately helps with overall management.

The Details of VideoMatics

VideoMatics is great to implement for fleet management. Typically, when the system is set up it can provide depot information with reports including the main contacts, numbers of vehicles and the drivers. The software has a dashboard which summarises a variety of reports such as playback events, driving events and vehicles statuses. The dashboard will present this in the form of proportional charts, which helps management better understand reports across the system.

Within the reporting software, for example, speeding and driving events can be viewed through a range of dates and filters to outline specific sets of data. This helps to analyse any vehicle’s speed, the speed limit at their location and how long a driver may have been speeding for. 

What Are The Benefits VideoMatics Provides?

Managing a large fleet of vehicles at the best of times is a difficult task. Not only do the vehicles need monitoring, but the drivers too. Whether real time monitoring is required, or investigating past issues with speeding or fuel consumption, this software has many possibilities for measuring. 


In the event that video playback is needed for investigating scenarios, the software allows for previous playbacks outlined on a map. When using this area of the dashboard, you can spot clusters to identify and address risk factors regarding your depot, filter all data sets and access specific video clips. All just through simply clicking the pins on the visual map. As fuel consumption is such a paramount factor for many companies nowadays, it’s understandable the need to assess the average fuel consumption of vehicles. This is another advantage of the playback system, as it enables users to gain clarity on idling and fuel consumption over periods of time.

The drivers are just as important for vehicle fleets, if not more, which is why VideoMatics provides summaries of each driver and their individual performance. In the summary section of the OptiDrive, the score is colour coded, allowing for clearer visualisation of the driver’s performance scores.

Real Time

The real time benefits of VideoMatics are imperative, especially if your depot is home to a large number of vehicles moving in and out. This is especially true when monitoring the status of each vehicle in a large fleet. Within the dashboard, users can view all vehicle statuses including alerts and warnings of each, what vehicles are currently working and more. Additionally, this has the option playing back too. What’s more, the software makes it straightforward to view how busy each and every driver is, with sorting metrics like the distance travelled.

Friendly Competition

As with many depots, there are targets to be met to stay on top of demands. Within OptiDrive, users can view league tables of how depots perform against others within a company. This can either be viewed as a brief summary, or in detail, looking at fuel consumption for instance. The access to this type of data might be a bit disheartening to some management at depots, however, it can be extremely useful to see comparisons for better made judgements when making improvements to performance. 

Final Thoughts

VideoMatics is a fairly new product for vehicle fleet management, however, this shouldn’t deter its use. There are so many benefits that come with implementing this software, allowing depots and companies to make better decisions based on reliable and trustworthy data. 

If you’d like more information on the above, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist you.